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Dove Refresh + Care Invigorating Dry Shampoo My overall rating

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish My overall rating

Oral-B Pulsonic Power Toothbrush My overall rating
Oral-B Pulsonic Power Toothbrush Recommended? You Betcha!

Crest 3D White Whitestrips 2-hour Express My overall rating

Mary Kay Thinking of You Eau de Parfum My overall rating

L'Oreal MagicSmooth Souffle Foundation My overall rating

NARS Nail Polish in Poker Face My overall rating
NARS Nail Polish in Poker Face Recommended? You Betcha!

TRESemmé® Climate Control Finishing Spray My overall rating

Le Gourmand - 152 Spadina Avenue My overall rating
Le Gourmand - 152 Spadina Avenue Recommended? You Betcha!

Sally Hansen VitaSurge Cuticle Gel My overall rating
Sally Hansen VitaSurge Cuticle Gel Recommended? You Betcha!



2024-06-15 13:57:40

May 03, 2012 

Hey girl! Thanks for your review on the Dove dry shampoo. I totally loved it and was so upset when it was gone so soon. I bought a tiny bottle of another brand for now but now that I know it did not happen to you I will try it again. So thanks for the info!

2024-06-15 13:57:40

August 04, 2011 

Morning Lauren, I don't know where I got that
your wedding was this summer. I was thinking back to when you were
asking about making your plans and for some reason I thought the wedding
was this summer. Well at least you've got started and were able to find
a dress you liked. I'm so picky it probably would take me two years to
find one that I liked. We never really had a wedding, so I have know
idea how much work putting one together really is, but I bet its pretty
stressful! Especially when your still in school and have all that to
think about to. I hope everything goes well for you with school and
you're able to get all your wedding plans taken care of long before the
big day gets hear.

 Great Taste

2024-06-15 13:57:40

July 30, 2011 

Hey you I haven't seen you on in a very long time.

Did you get married yet, or is the big day still to come?

If you have already gone through with it I hope it was everything you dreamed it would be.

Good luck and take care.


2024-06-15 13:57:40

May 13, 2011 

I'm glad my comments came across as sweet ... esp since i'm very jealous
of your hair hehe ;-) you have to share your secrets girl!! Looks
gorgeous gorgeous <3

Sigh!! I meant to sign ur gb with that, but for some reason I hit Reply to ur comment and ended up signing Takoda's .. which is totally applicable, 'cuz I would just die to have shiny hair like hers!

Today's not my day .. oh well at least it's a FRIDAY :D

PS. How come everyone nowadays has gorgeous hair but me? Is there a secret serum you ladies know about that I don't? :)


2024-06-15 13:57:40

April 07, 2011 

Haha here's a status report:
I decided to give Powder'ful another chance yesterday and concluded that I will carry it with me as an emergency measure to give my hair a boost in case i don't have a chance to go home after work and going out for dinner. However, it instantly makes my hair extremely static so I think I will only use it in extreme situations... Now that I have it I'll use it, but I don't think I would ever re-buy it once I run out

2024-06-15 13:57:40

March 23, 2011 

Hi Lauren! It's a lot of fun if you go in a group of friends! That's how I did it the first time! They dropped the pole dancing after the first 4 weeks (level 1) but I continued myself because I really liked it, and the studio! Had awesome teachers! They make the classes so much fun! I'm not sure if they do trial classes, but if you wanna try them out, often they'll appear on those daily deal websites offering something like 5 classes for $19 or something (I snagged one a few wks ago!) so maybe try it out that way! Or, if you want to do the full 4 weeks of level 1, I think it costs like $99 or something! Definitely try it! You'll love it! :)

2024-06-15 13:57:40

March 08, 2011 

hey lauren, sorry but the gap give and get coupon that I posted is US only. I have the correct one up now, but I see that you happened to come across the original one.

here is a link to the new one

2024-06-15 13:57:40
Mischa K.

February 23, 2011 

Hi Lauren,
I'm new here, and a little confused. I noticed that you get products and you review them. How does this site work? Do i review my own products or am I sent products to review? I don’t get it.


2024-06-15 13:57:40

February 09, 2011 

They actually have them at my Rite Aid. I guess I got lucky. :)

2024-06-15 13:57:40

January 28, 2011 

Happy Birthday!!!! I hope you have an AWESOME bday weekend!! :-) <3
 Thank You