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7 Spectacular Summer Date Ideas

Posted by Catherine | Wednesday June 24, 201547 comments

You and your squeeze might enjoy staying in and Netflix-bingeing on occasion, but that's no date night. Treating your successful relationship to something a little more outside-the-box is how memories are really made! Perhaps you've already enjoyed some high adrenaline dates like paintballing, ziplining, or whitewater rafting, but here are a few more unexpected ideas you can do to step out of your comfort zones together.

#1 - Stargazing
Take things a step beyond identifying the 2 or 3 constellations you can consistently remember and schedule a cozy date on a night when the universe is really putting on a show! A couple of "stellar" events that are on our list:
  • Delta Aquarids meteor shower, late July - early August, 2015 (peaking July 27-30)
  • Perseids meteor shower, August 10-13 (a few hours before dawn is best). This meteor shower is the best for the Northern Hemisphere with up to 100 meteors per hour. With no moon at this time, those shooting stars will really stand out.
  • Total Lunar Eclipse, September 28, 2015, with best views in the eastern half of North America. Check your local listings (or this site) for the best viewing time in your timezone.
#2 - A Ghost Walk
Ghost walks through historic city centers and graveyards give thrills AND a great excuse to cling to each other while you pretend to be scared. And if you actually are, we won’t judge!

#3 - Blind Dining
Continuing with this dark theme, here’s a dining experience like no other! Imagine a pitch black restaurant where you can’t see one another or even the food you’re eating. These restaurants are popping up all over Canada and the U.S. Check out O.Noir in Toronto and Montreal, and Dark Table in Vancouver.

#4 - Hot Air Balloon Rides
You haven’t really seen your city until you’ve looked at it from high above. A romantic sunrise or sunset ride, perhaps?

#5 - Sexy Salsa Dancing
Don’t be stuck in your same routine. You can spice up your love life learning how to salsa, or even be daring and try contemporary hip-hop. At the very least, it will be good for a laugh.

#6 - Couples Yoga and/or Couples Meditation
Partner yoga allows you to do poses that are impossible to achieve on your own. It deepens your bond with one another as it forces you to communicate non-verbally. If your local yoga studios don't offer these types of classes, look on YouTube for some ideas.

#7 - Go Nordic at the Spa (assuming a quick flight to Oslo is out of the question)
With Scandinavian-inspired spas surging in popularity, you can retreat to a place of relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Which exciting adventure captures your attention for a memorable date-night?

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on June 26, 2015  flower  4,433 said:

Hot Air Balloon Ride has been a dream

on June 25, 2015  chrissyann123  85,989 said:

What neat, different and fun ideas for married or even people going on a date.

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