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DIY Valentine's Day Craft: How to Make a Friendship Bracelet

Posted by Alexandra C. | Tuesday February 14, 201218 comments

Happy Valentine's Day to all our Chicks! 

In honour of this very special holiday and to celebrate our love for all our online BFFs (like you!), we're going to be show you how to make a very cute and easy friendship bracelet! Consider this a token of appreciation and love for all that you've done for us! 

As an added bonus, after making a few of these babies (and believe me, they only take about 15 minutes to make) try stacking them up arm candy style - we show you how over here!

(from left to right)
Step 1:
Gather two long pieces of string. You can create this bracelet with pretty much any material but hemp or wax coated strings work best. Fold over both of these pieces in the middle.

Step 2: Tie a looped knot in the middle so you now have four pieces. 

Step 3: Two of these of pieces should be in the middle, the other two should be on each  side. Taking one side of the string, create a '4' figure, by putting it over top of the two strings in the middle. 

Step 4: Taking the other string on the opposite side, place over the end of the string creating the '4'. Place the string behind the two in the middle.

Step 5: Take the end of that same string, pull it through the same created by the '4' figure. 

Step 6: You should be able to see a knot forming, pull time and repeat the steps each time, switching sides. You'll be able to tell which side you should be working on because there will be an extra vertical notch on the outside.  

Note: If you do not switch sides, you will get a spiral pattern, not the flat one (also a pretty variation).

I used a metal clip that came with the string to attach the bracelet ends and a cute little valentine together. We love the pattern and style of this bracelet but if you wanted something a little easier, why not try out a basic braid? Or, check out this tutorial or this one here for more styles. 

Alternatively, punch a hole through either end and wear your valentine proudly! I think this would the perfect gift for a few of your special friends or co-workers, each having a fun little inside joke or message!  

What are you making, giving or receiving for Valentine's Day?

(adapted via dollarstorecrafts.com)
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on May 15, 2012  GetaUkami  503 said:

Wow, they are really pretty! I will definitely try making some for my friends and me. I just need to find a good shop in Montreal that sells a lot of colorful threads, haha. Thank you for this DIY!

on April 03, 2012  jmca  8,950 said:

I'm not sure this bracelet is appropriate for an over 40 year old mom to wear, but certainly for the daughter.

I love the saying though!

on March 08, 2012  LadyChick234234  3,701 said:

This is adorable and reminds me of being in camp as a kid.

on February 22, 2012  jnalliso  765 said:

Aw so sweet

on February 16, 2012  assia  1,563 said:

Love it and shared!

on February 16, 2012  koreandoll  3,360 said:

Sooo easy! I better do one asap and send it to my bff :D

on February 15, 2012  LisaDrew  2,063 said:

This is adorable! I wonder if I have the patience to try this, lol!

on February 15, 2012  catty81  1,022 said:

This is so cool, I am always looking for new crafty ideas this one is a great idea.

on February 15, 2012  so_adorkable_  2,602 said:


on February 15, 2012  petitechouxx  2,859 said:

this is so cute!

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