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Getting My Pre-Baby Body Back (Before Photos)

Posted by Ali | Wednesday January 15, 201417 comments

2014 is a huge year for me.  I’m officially done having babies (my youngest, Lina is 6 months old) and I have some pretty substantial goals lined up for myself.  One of those goals is to get really fit.  And by fit I don’t mean skinny. I mean toned in a way that would make Gwyneth Paltrow - but not Madonna -  proud.  So, I thought what better motivation than to present you all with my before shots, no sucking in or flexing allowed.  I have also gone the extra mile by posing in these white shorts I like to think of as adult pull-ups.  These shorts don’t lie.  These shorts that threaten camel toe with every step, can’t hide a butt that could use a bit of lifting and thighs that could use some tightening.  I do have a small amount of belly left over from my pregnancy, which leaves me with a lack of definition at the waist.

I have given myself a very tight deadline of 6 weeks to tighten all of this up and have enlisted the help of Steph Sibbio, one of the trainers who whipped me back in shape after baby #1.  We have 3 workouts per week scheduled and she is also monitoring my diet to ensure I’m not sabotaging her efforts.

But, let me be 100% clear: I am not trying to lose weight and I don’t think there is anything wrong with my body.  I’m trying to get to the next level.  To get to a level of fit I haven’t been able to for the past few years as I’ve been having babies.  I want my pre-baby body back and then some.  I also want the benefits that come with a healthier lifestyle and regular exercise. The endorphins, the positive attitude, the strength… all that good stuff.

My biggest challenge will be avoiding my sugary, carb-laden cravings like cookies, chocolate and ice cream.

Wish me luck!

UPDATE: After photos are posted here.
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on March 26, 2014  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

Thank you, valaita! xoxo

on March 26, 2014  valaita  3,106 said:

Your pictures are amazing. I think that your pictures look like most peoples' after shots! I do commend you as well for wanted to be fit over skinny, as exercise is vital to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. :)

on February 05, 2014  Steffikah  9,130 said:

@Anjanie - I see what you're saying in terms of how things are worded, and I think it's a fair point. I work in a convenience store where magazines stare me in the face all day every day... every headline is something about so and so had a baby three weeks ago and they're already thinner than they were before. THAT is what I find disappointing... are we praising celebs for getting skinnier than ever before after kids? I would hope not... I thought the goal was to be a good parent, not a skinny one! Unrealistic expectations for sure. That said, I can see Ali's point about being a strong mom... I'm just over 6 months pregnant with my first child and have no idea how I'm going to lose the baby weight so I can run after my toddler without collapsing, lol. They require a ton of energy and becoming fitter rather than focusing on becoming skinnier will help that.

on January 21, 2014  Anjanie777  1,682 said:

Thanks for replying and I really hope you attain your goal.

Maybe its because we see so many celebrities who seem so engulfed in their looks, it appears that way to me. Especially because they make it seem that is more important than their child.

I come from a very strong family of women who worked very hard during pregnancies, like walking miles and planting rice on the farm under the hot sun. I guess I'm used to them being fit naturally, as they would have babies in the morning, and finish the farming chores by the night. Different times, different tasks. I understand.

My mom is incredibly fit and worked 3 jobs when my dad died when I was an infant, so I definitely see the importance of a healthy mom, because I can't imagine how my mom did that whilst taking care of my two older brothers who were also toddlers at the time.

I just find celeb culture to make it appear that women 'give their bodies away', and so I don't like how that sounds, thats why I didn't use that phrase.

I think you can do it, as you mentioned you were fit before, and that usually makes all the difference. And its not like you're doing anything drastic like celebs, so you already are ahead in your goal. Strong and healthy are great words. It makes women appear as they were meant to - cherished and treasured in their female form.

on January 20, 2014  thepinksimsboard  2,224 said:

Good luck!

on January 19, 2014  Charmheart16  3,985 said:

For someone who has had two kids, you look great. I commend you for advocating healthy lifestyle and getting fit over getting skinny. Good luck and I hope you achieve your goal. :)

on January 18, 2014  mela86  2,943 said:

You look amazing for 2 kids and no stretch marks, way to go! You're determined so you'll reach your fitness goals.

on January 17, 2014  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

@anjanie777 Thanks for sharing your perspective! But saying I want my pre-baby body back is in no way a reflection of how I feel about having babies or that the changes were a bad thing. I exercised lightly during both pregnancies but my goal now is to be strong and toned. Having a specific goal with a timeline makes workouts more effective.

One day when/if you have kids you will understand the desire to get back in shape. It's good for you and for your kids to have a strong healthy mom.

on January 17, 2014  Racenhawk  2,659 said:

Good work

on January 16, 2014  Anjanie777  1,682 said:

In any case, good luck with your goal. And I do hope you attain it!

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