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New Product Review Club Offer / Nouvelle Offre du Club des bancs d'essai: PowerBar ProteinPlus Reduced Sugar

Wednesday May 10, 2017 by Jennifer

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Hey Chicks!

Whether you’re looking to conquer that post-work spin class, or getting ready to take on evening soccer practice, *new* PowerBar ProteinPlus Reduced Sugar Bars will make sure you’re revived and ready -- for whatever activity you plan on tackling. 

Available in two great flavours 

New Product Review Club Offer / Club des bancs d'essai : BOOST® Just Protein™

Wednesday January 25, 2017 by ChickAdvisor Team

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Attention fitness buffs, busy career women, overextended moms, and anyone else looking for a little extra pep in their step! We're looking for 200 Canadian women from our Product Review Club to try all new BOOST® Just Protein™ powder - a new, unflavoured instant whey protein powder that's designed to help you get the daily...

How to Lose Belly Fat After Having a Baby

Friday December 12, 2014 by Ali

How to Lose Belly Fat after having a babyBefore we get into the details of these super helpful tips prepared by my Personal Trainer, Steph Sibbio (pictured above with my baby girl) let me get one thing out of the way first: wanting to firm up your belly after a baby is not a reflection of how you feel about becoming a mother or about your children.

Getting a toned tummy is a desire shared by many women at any stage of life. Having your...

Chicks Get Fit: Burlesque Class at Brass Vixens

Friday April 4, 2014 by Christina

This fitness adventure has taken us to some pretty innovative and interesting (to say the least) ways to get fit and feel confident with our bodies. So I hope you Chicks have been following along. If not, here is our twerking story to give you a feel for what we've been doing. 

Our latest fitness adventure brought us back to Brass Vixens, but this time we worked on our burlesque...

Chicks Get Fit: 'Good Vibrations' at The Power Institute

Thursday March 27, 2014 by Rachel

This is a story about one Chick getting jiggled, suctioned, and pummeled into sleekly-toned submission. And I liked it.

Have you ever seen those infomercials showing a person shaking viciously on a vibrating machine (while smiling obnoxiously), convinced they can lose up to 4 pant sizes in 10 minutes? For most of us, this probably comes off as being rather hokey. I suppose you can understand...

Chicks Get Fit: Twerking it Out at Brass Vixens

Wednesday March 19, 2014 by ChickAdvisor Team

Since Miley's VMA performance, it seems to me like I can't have a single conversation where the subject of twerking doesn't come up. Ok, maybe that's an exaggeration, but seriously folks: everyone and their grandmother knows what twerking is nowadays. 

Of course, there have been mixed feelings toward the dance, and I bet you've raised an eyebrow or two at the booty popping (see above). Except...

Chicks Get Fit: We Got Addicted To Sweat With Madonna at Hard Candy Fitness

Thursday March 13, 2014 by Rachel

If you read my fitness profile, you know that I have strayed from my formerly beloved high-intensity aerobic workouts and moved on over to the callused-hands-burpee-filled CrossFit world (insert villainous laugh here). Joking aside, I must admit that I really miss a good ‘ol cardio blast. That’s why I was absolutely thrilled when I was so graciously invited to attend the grand opening of Hard...

Getting My Pre-Baby Body Back (After Photos)

Tuesday March 4, 2014 by Ali

Six weeks ago I posted pictures of my pasty, slightly bloated post-baby body on ChickAdvisor here.  The reaction was an interesting mix of “Go, Ali!” and “That’s rude. What’s wrong with a post baby body??”  For the record, there is nothing wrong with a post baby body.  But, there is also nothing wrong with wanting to get healthy and all kinds of fit. It is better for my...

Workout Playlist To Pump You Up

Friday February 28, 2014 by Alexandra C.

With all this testing out of new gyms and studios, not only are our bods getting a workout, but our iPods are too. The only thing that makes the treadmill bearable for me is a good playlist that pumps me up, keeps me going when I want (so very desperately) to stop and helps me wind down with a stretch. 

If you're like me, a decent playlist is a must for a trip to the gym, and we're here to...

Chicks Get Fit: Ballet Meets Cardio Class at Extension Room

Tuesday February 25, 2014 by ChickAdvisor Team

Last week, we announced that we chicks were going to start werkin' it out at a few different and unique workout spots around the city. And now, we're delivering. Our first #werkout spot? Extension Room. It's a ballet meets cardio meets top 40 pumping meets graceful movement and it was a doozy. It totally kicked our butts in the best way possible. 

Want to know more about how it all went...

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