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Gratuitous Hottie Face Off 'On The Road' Edition: Garrett Hedlund vs. Tom Sturridge

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday March 15, 201310 comments

If you have indeed been living under a rock for the past few months, or perhaps you actually have a life and spend time away from the computer and television (unlike me), then here's what you need to know about the much anticipated On The Road. It was released in select theatres back in May 2012 and was recently rereleased. It's been a while since then, but there's still buzz surrounding the movie because Kristen Stewart is playing one of the leads. We all know that she attracts paparazzi like fruit attracts flies. But really, who cares about her? The men of On The Road are the real stars of the movie. Two of these stars in particular caught my eye: Garrett Hedlund and Tom Sturridge

So obviously, we needed to face them off to determine which one is the hottest. Clearly, this had to happen.

It's been a while since we've faced off two hotties, so here's a recap of the rules: We take two men and pit them against each other over three rounds and at the end, we'll crown one to be our 'future fictional boyfriend'. Ready?

Round 1: Who would we rather road trip with? 

(images via justjared.comjustjared.com)

Garrett: On The Road is all about being, well, on the road, so this begs the question: Which guy would we rather be cooped up in a car with for days on end? I can certainly see myself with Garrett on the road, he would provide some much needed eye candy.

Tom: Good conversation is key when you're on the road and Tom is British so pretty much anything that comes out of his mouth is going to be awesome.  

Verdict: Good convo or eye candy? Yikes. This is hard. I think I'm going to go with the accent. Because after a few 'lazy man showers' (i.e. dry shampoo and wet wipes), Garrett won't be so appealing. 

Round 2: Who snagged the hottest 'it' girl? 

(images via thechicksters.compeople.zap2it.com

Garrett: Both of these gents are currently dating famous ladies and if we're going to be their next gf, we need to make sure that we're following in the right foot steps. Also, I'm hoping that I can befriend their ex-girlfriends and then we can go shopping together! Especially in this case since Garrett is dating the very fashionable Kirsten Dunst. I want so badly to raid her closet and I'd like to quote Bring It On lines to/with her. 
Tom: Tom is seeing the gorgeous and always stylish Sienna Miller. She's more boho chic than Dunst but I can appreciate her love of milk maid braids. It doesn't hurt that she's super talented either. She seems a bit more reserved than Dunst, but I think I'd like to go for a pint with her!

Verdict: I think Garrett takes this one. And I don't think I need a reason why because chicks, this is a cheerocracy, not a democracy. 
Round 3: Who makes the better male model?

(images via usmagazine.com, imdb.com
Garrett: I think Garrett definitely wins the best male model in the bod category. I mean, let's not discount that face but oh my, that chest and those shudders are easy on the eyes. 

Tom: Tom is a little on the feminine side. I mean those cheekbones go on for days, but when you're a male model, that's what makes the money. I know that 'smizing' is smiling with your eyes (thanks Tyra), but what do you call brooding with your eyes? Bryding? Brooing? Well anyways, whatever it is, he can do it. 
Verdict: Garrett for bod and Tom for face...is there a way I can combine them?

This one is a tie ladies so I need your help with finding out who deserves to be my/our next fictional bf! Who would you choose: Garrett or Tom? Leave a comment below and let me know your fave guy!
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on April 07, 2015  Sora  4,282 said:

I have to go with Tom (beard: mandatory). The dark hair and light eyes does it for me

on March 19, 2013  Steffikah  9,115 said:

Garrett for sure!

on March 19, 2013  Racenhawk  2,659 said:


on March 18, 2013  mela86  2,943 said:

Garrett all the way!

on March 18, 2013  chrisc  1,052 said:

Garrett!!! He was super hot in Country Strong. He can sometimes seem like a chameleon and have a different look - but they are all hot looks.

on March 16, 2013  smiley_gen  9,740 said:

Garrett looks great in the top -vs- picture

on March 15, 2013  fredamans  11,745 said:

Neither are that great, but Garrett is better than the other one fore sure.

on March 15, 2013  LissaG  6,010 said:

Garrett for sure! Smokin' hot.

on March 15, 2013  takoda  28,648 said:

I'd say Garrett wins this one for me.

on March 15, 2013  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

Garrett Hedlunk totally takes this for me. He's kinda beautiful.

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