Gratuitous Round Up: 8 Horror Film Hotties

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Horror movies are made to make you jump and cringe. So what's the appeal to watching them for people who don't like to be scared? Hot actors! Horror movies need some eye candy to bring in the easily frightened audiences. Who knows, maybe they will be distracted enough by the good looks of one of the following hotties so they don't have to worry about the scariness. Here are 8 of the most drool-worthy guys to grace the stage of a scary movie (in no particular order).

#1 Jared Padalecki

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Already starring in Supernatural, a show that sometimes deals with horrific matters. Jared is no stranger to the horror movie scene having starred in Friday the 13th, House of Wax, and Cry_Wolf. I'm pretty sure anyone would be a fool not to use this hottie in their films. Those muscles would distract in mere seconds.

#2 Kellan Lutz

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He's not just a good looking vampire from the Twilight saga! Kellan has also been in horror movies A Nightmare on Elm Street and Prom Night. Both films were remakes and he was chosen to be part of the eye candy that brought in the audience both times.

#3 Penn Badgley

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Gossip Girl's Dan Humprey has dabbled with some acting in the horror/thriller genre. Starring in movies The Stepfather and Drive Thru, this hottie is sure to bring a following to the big screen with his charming good looks !

#4 Ryan Reynolds

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We can't talk about horror movie hotties without mentioning Ryan Reynolds and the fact that he's shirtless for a good portion of The Amityville Horror is a big part of this. Look at those chiseled abs! They are a distraction from the fact that he goes a little crazy with an axe in the movie. Maybe they hired him after seeing him play a handsome serial killer in a Halloween special of his old sitcom Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place.

#5 Kevin Zegers

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Sometimes referred to as the "Canadian Zac Efron", Kevin can be seen in the zombie horror film Dawn of the Dead. The fact that this movie is from almost a decade ago means the man has only grown into his good looks. Being a Zac Efron look-alike is reason enough to be on this list.

#6 Paul Wesley

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Before he started playing a brooding vampire on the very popular show The Vampire Diaries, Paul found many roles in horror movies and supernatural shows to give him a good start. His big breakout may not have been until he found his vampire calling, but he did find two horror movies roles with Killer Movie and Elsewhere.

#7 Jensen Ackles

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Is it possible that every feature on this man's face is perfect? Jensen stars alongside Jared in the show Supernatural, but also took a chance to go even darker when he got himself a film role in My Bloody Valentine 3D. Not only is the horror that much more realistic in 3D, but so are all the features that make him a hottie.

#8 Nicholas D'Agosto

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Probably not well known to very many, Nicholas has been catching people's eyes in Final Destination 5 and Drive Thru with his clean cut and preppy look. He sports it with such confidence that's what ultimately makes him a hottie.

There are plenty more hotties in horror films these days, but we don't want to overload your eyes with too much hotness! What actor catches your attention while being scared out of your seat?
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on October 18, 2012  annamary said:

ryan all the way love the blade amityville era

on October 18, 2012  so_adorkable_  2,367 said:

jensen and jared, def.

on October 17, 2012  Racenhawk  2,604 said:


on October 17, 2012  precious said:

Paul wesley is my fav.

on October 17, 2012  Chikky  646 said:

I met Jensen Ackles WAY back when he was on Days Of Our Lives at an autograph signing. He still has the same baby face <3 !

on October 14, 2012  shanaz  5,939 said:

I'll pass on these selections...

Johnny Depp is my FAVE!

on October 13, 2012  mela86  2,851 said:

Jensen Ackles....... Jensen Ackles!!!!!

on October 12, 2012  Judy37  2,658 said:

Jensen Ackles but look at Ryan Reynolds' body!

on October 12, 2012  cutie_marlena  2,956 said:

Jensen Ackles <3 *SWOON!!*

on October 12, 2012  midnightsun2288  6,053 said:

Ryan Reynolds definitely looked good in that movie. The movie wasn't good or scary but I totally kept watching it for the eye candy xD

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