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Hair Style Tutorial: A Sexy Summer Updo

| Sunday July 11, 20109 comments
One of the most challenging hair styles to do at home is an up-do. Most of us prefer to let the pros do it, but Eric Del Monaco, of Del Monaco Hair Studio, shows us it's not that hard.    ChickAdvisor's Pamela Li models this gorgeous look today.

Step 1: Give your hair that messy, curly look. Then pull a section at the top of your crown, twist it in the middle with some height on top, and pin it.

Step 2: With your pinky-finger, pull hair from one side and pin it over top the first one.

Step 3: Pin each section at the mid-shaft and leave the end out to play with.

Step 4: Finish pinning one side, then move onto the other. Twist sections from the bottom of this side and pin them towards the top of the opposite side.

Step 5: Use a finishing spray to hold everything in place and to play with the ends that are sticking out, allowing for that messy look.

Step 6: Curl up the front pieces, and spray underneath them to lift them off the face.

If you're nervous to try this style by yourself, Del Monaco Hair Studio offers up-dos like this one for $95.

Pam models 'Before & After'

Effortless chic (seemingly...)

This style, where the up-do is at the back of the head, is the hot trend of Spring Summer 2010, but in the fall, Del Monaco tells us that up-dos will be returning to the top instead. The messy waves will be gone, and the trends will be more straight and structured. To achieve the new fall look, it will take a lot of teasing and volume on top to create rounded shapes and a rough finished look.

What do you think of this gorgeous look? Would you try this at home or do you prefer the salon?

by Ali de Bold and Nikki Gill

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on July 13, 2011  vedette said:

I love it. and it looks amazing on you. Im not sure if id be able to pull it off but its a wonderful hairstyle

on August 25, 2010  cathy3087  98 said:

You could totally even stop at Step 3 and leave the hair only half up!! Looks great on Pam!

Oh how I wish "effortlessly chic" didn't always seem to take me 3 times as long to get right....guess I'll leave it to the professionals!

on August 25, 2010  PamelaL  1,638 said:

This is a really fun summer updo! I loved the texture and slightly messy look and the best part is that with some practice, anyone can do this at home! I was also very impressed that it lasted all day!

on August 25, 2010  Kellie Atkinson said:

I love it and will definitely try it at home! :)

on August 25, 2010  ngill  1,669 said:

Absolutely gorgeous! I looove the way he chose not to curl the ends so they would stick out and create that messy look. You pull it off so well Pam!

on August 10, 2010  Bren  25,731 said:

Beautiful!I love it!

on July 17, 2010  themakeuppaje  1,581 said:

Fun, edgy and still very pretty and feminine! You could even make it a bit more formal for a wedding up-do by inserting flowers or a fascinator/birdcage veil!

on July 15, 2010  Mouse  590 said:

That's so pretty! I don't think I could do that myself though. I'm definitely a salon girl.

on July 15, 2010  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

Pam you look amazing. Eric is the master. Which reminds me, it's time for a haircut!

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