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New Product Review Club Offer / Club des bancs d'essai : ROGAINE® for Women

Posted by Claire | Monday April 16, 201834 comments
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Hair loss is a touchy subject. My kids tease my husband that he has a "power donut". Luckily for our children, he finds this funny... sort of. (Shh--don't tell him I told you!)

Hair loss for women is even touchier -- but if you're suffering from thinning hair or hair loss, you're not alone. It's far more common in women than you think, but thankfully we're finally starting to see more products coming to market specifically for women's hair. ROGAINE® is the #1 Dermatologist recommended brand*, clinically proven to reduce hair loss, revitalize hair follicles and regrow hair. The active ingredient minoxidil reactivates the hair growth cycle and stimulates regrowth. It's designed to see results in as little as 12 weeks!
  • Help regrow hair for women with thinning of hair on top of the scalp
  • Clinically proven to increase hair density for thicker-looking hair
  • Easy to apply: once-daily unscented scalp treatment
*Hair loss treatment brand based on 2016 Canadian survey data

We are looking for some Canadian women suffering from thinning hair or hair loss to try Women's ROGAINE® 5% Foam and let us know how well it worked for you. Are you ready to get back to fuller, healthier looking hair?

PLEASE NOTE: Selected advocates will be required to use ROGAINE® daily for 12 weeks as part of this program. 

You have until April 22, 2018 to apply. Offer open to residents of Canada. Selected members will be contacted by email during the week of April 23, 2018. Remember to add "PRC@ChickAdvisor.com" to your email address book to ensure that you receive all future communications from us!

Help us share this opportunity on social media and remember to include #tryWomensROGAINE.

NOTE: Like all medications, Women’s ROGAINE® Foam may or may not be right for you. To be sure, always read and follow the product label, including the consumer leaflet provided inside of the carton.

What is the ChickAdvisor Product Review Club? Click here for full eligibility requirements and how to sign up, plus check out this helpful FAQ to boost your chances of qualifying to take part in a testing panel. You must be a ChickAdvisor member to apply (membership is free). Not all applicants will qualify. ChickAdvisor is the sole decision maker for who is selected based on eligibility requirements, and reserves the right to disqualify any participant for any reason.



La perte de cheveux est un sujet délicat. Mes enfants se moquent de mon mari et de son "beigne capillaire". Heureusement pour nos enfants, il arrive à en rire... un peu. (Chut -- Ne lui dites pas que je vous en ai parlé!)

La perte de cheveux chez les femmes est encore plus délicate à aborder -- mais si vous souffrez de ce trouble ou que vos cheveux s'amincissent, sachez que vous n'êtes pas seule. C'est beaucoup plus commun chez les femmes qu'on pourrait le croire, et on commence à voir de plus en plus de produits sur le marché spécifiquement conçus pour les cheveux féminins. ROGAINE® est la marque la plus recommandée par les dermatologues*, cliniquement prouvée afin de réduire la perte de cheveux, revitaliser les follicules et en stimuler la repousse. L'ingrédient actif, le minoxidil, réactive le cycle de croissance des cheveux et favorise la repousse des cheveux. Le produit est formulé afin de montrer des résultats visibles en aussi peu que 12 semaines!
  • Aide la repousse capillaire pour les femmes présentant un amincissement général des cheveux sur le dessus de la tête
  • Cliniquement prouvé pour augmenter la densité capillaire, pour des cheveux d'apparence plus fournie
  • Facile à appliquer: traitement non-parfumé à appliquer sur le cuir chevelu quotidiennement
*Selon un sondage canadien mené en 2016 sur les marques de traitement de perte de cheveux

Nous sommes à la recherche de 50 femmes canadiennes souffrant d'amincissement ou de perte capillaire afin de tester la Mousse à 5% ROGAINE® pour femmes et qui pourront nous partager comment elle a fonctionné pour elles. Êtes-vous prête à arborer une chevelure plus fournie et d'apparence saine?

VEUILLEZ NOTER: Les membres sélectionnées dans le cadre de ce programme devront utiliser ROGAINE® chaque jour pendant 12 semaines consécutives. 

Vous avez jusqu'au 22 AVRIL 2018 pour vous inscrire. L'offre est ouverte aux résidents canadiens. Les membres sélectionnés seront contactés par courriel au plus tard le 23 AVRIL 2018. Assurez-vous d'ajouter "PRC@ChickAdvisor.com" à votre carnet d'adresses courriel afin de recevoir toutes nos communications! 

Aidez-nous à partager cette offre sur les réseaux sociaux en prenant soin d'inclure le mot-clic #tryWomensROGAINE.

Qu'est ce que le Club des bancs d'essai de ChickAdvisor? Cliquez ici pour connaître tous les critères prérequis et comment vous inscrire. Puis, jetez un oeil à cette FAQ utile pour savoir comment augmenter vos chances de participer à cette opportunité. Vous devez être membre ChickAdvisor pour vous inscrire (l'inscription est gratuite). Le fait de s'inscrire à cette offre ne garantit pas votre participation. ChickAdvisor est la seule entité responsable de sélectionner les membres participants à cette offre et se base sur ses propres critères de sélection. ChickAdvisor se réserve le droit de disqualifier quelque participant que ce soit, peu importe la raison.

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on May 23, 2018  Warrior10  630 said:

J'ai entendu dire que ce produits est vraiment miraculeux je vais sans doute aller me le procurer !

on April 21, 2018  chrissyann123  79,723 said:

This has been a big problem for me in the last few years I am in my 50's now. My hair is actually have the thickness it used to be. I never could where it down anymore. Always in a bun. I have been trying everything from vitamins, shampoos and conditions to help make my hair appear thicker. I just recently cut my long hair much shorter hopefully to get my hair healthier and grow in thicker. So nice of Chickadvisor to address this problem many women face. Wishing my fellow Chickadvisor members who really need this Good Luck

on April 20, 2018  christinekitty  8,819 said:

I feel to young for this product lol i will be looking forward to the reviews hopefully it is something i could get for my mom!!

on April 19, 2018  kelx  21,881 said:

I need this in my life!! Before I go bald :'( I didn't think there was such products out there for women....I just learned too live with it for all these years....

on April 19, 2018  Katiegu  386 said:

I would love to try this

on April 17, 2018  Birdie11  158 said:

I have very fine hair and it is getting thinner at the top. It's makes me feel very uncomfortable when I go out in public. I would like to try ROGAINE®

on April 17, 2018  mammyblu3  158 said:

I have had very fine hair all my life and never had any problems until lately when I noticed it was getting even thinner most likely due to being in my 70's. I would really like to be a part of this program to improve the density of my hair. I do not dye my hair and don't use any harsh chemicals. My hair is a very nice silver and I get a lot of compliments but I don't like seeing the pink of my scalp.

on April 17, 2018  Vallan  1,777 said:

Ever since buying our first home last year and finding our well water is super hard (on my hair and everything else!!), my hair has been falling out way more than normal to the point that you can see scalp past my temples, I'm curious to try to see if this would help with that!

on April 16, 2018  EveryOption  4,360 said:

This is perfect. I'd like the opportunity to test it out and hopefully regrow some hair .

on April 16, 2018  uhpchrista  513 said:

Yes! Fingers crossed I'm chosen! My hair comes out in handfuls ? and I used to have such beautiful hair! Please help me!

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