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New Product Review Club Opportunity: Kellogg's Special K® Popcorn Chips

Posted by Claire | Tuesday September 24, 2013110 comments

We're all watching our waistlines these days but don't you hate when it interferes with life? The holidays, Hockey Night In Canada, and the Winter Olympics are all just around the corner and this means food. Lots of food, especially when friends and family are around.

For me, this is a daily challenge. As a mom of three, I cook every day and constantly have to make sensible choices for my less sensible children. But when we're cozied up on the couch for family movie night, my ideals start to waver. I'm talking about the movie theatre-style popcorn cravings! Jumbo size, naturally, and I'm not in the mood to share.

Usually I ignore those inclinations and make an extra plate of veggies with hummus, but that doesn't really satisfy my craving. When I heard about Kellogg's Special K® Popcorn Chips, I was immediately interested. With only 80 calories per 20 popcorn chip serving, maybe I can have my cake and eat it too? Err-- popcorn, that is.

Kellogg's Special K® Popcorn Chips are now available in most major grocery stores in Butter and Sweet & Salty flavours. No need to feel guilty about choosing both, so I will. Are you with me?

200 of our Canadian Product Review Club members will receive one box of each flavour and see for themselves. If you'd like to be one of them, click the banner below to fill out a short qualification survey by October 6, 2013. Selected testers will be notified by email during the week of October 7.

Good luck!

What is the ChickAdvisor Product Review Club? Click here for full eligibility requirements and how to sign up, plus check out this helpful FAQ to boost your chances of qualifying to take part in a testing panel.

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on April 22, 2014  Italiansweetie  224 said:

I would really be interested to try these. Having three children it can be difficult in my home finding a snack that everyone likes when it's movie time. It would be interesting to see how this product fairs once it's done with " the family test "

on April 14, 2014  Warden  173 said:

We've tried these and they are REALLY good!

on February 23, 2014  andrea112  158 said:

Their really good ! Myself i like the salt & vinegar ones the most

on November 05, 2013  Quatchimanisaac said:

Got the sample in the mail. Yum! Kellogg's has done it again. I snack that is also a treat! I only wish the came in a larger size box.

on October 24, 2013  Jazzy420  332 said:

Got my sample in the mail cant wait to try em this weekend!!

on October 08, 2013  mythoughts  1,257 said:

thank you for the invite cant wait to report on them

on October 03, 2013  Islandsikora  2,445 said:

YEAH BAAAABY!! I LOVE popcorn but dont eat it very often because of the fact that I feel it needs a LOT of butter, and that is not good for the waistline I figured out...lol. I would be honored to be in the product review club as Im sitting at home on disibility (broke my leg and dislocated ankle) and I feel like Im doing nothing all day....I promise to bring humor along with the absolute truth on how I feel about the product. So, gimme a holla, and Ill be here for quite awhile p;-)

on October 02, 2013  marisaking  158 said:

would like to try these my son loves popcorn

on October 02, 2013  CarleyCopper  158 said:

I would love to taste this product. I love Kellogg's products. I want to get into reviewing products, and this site seems to be a great opportunity to do that.

on September 26, 2013  patricia1966  931 said:

I love Kellogg's cereal but have not tried any of their snacks and would love to try them.

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