Return of the Poncho: Are You Loving It?

Monday November 15, 2010 by Hafsa

We’ve seen funky tribal prints, fun fringes, delicate crochet knits, and heavy wools as big trends this season, and now they’re making statements on a garment poised for a fashion comeback—the poncho.

Kim Kardashian, Kate Hudson, Dakota Fanning

Here are some stylish ponchos we have our eye on right now...

Forever 21 Aztec Print Poncho CAN$18.80, Tophsop Knitted Open Knit Poncho US$90
Asos Villa Knitted Poncho US$68.96, White House Grey Batwing Poncho US$98
VAVA by Joy Han Crochet Poncho in Ivory US$151, Obesity and Speed Hooded Poncho US$149
Urban Outfitters Dolce Vita Ryan Poncho CAN$278, Zara Open Work Mohair Poncho US$32.80
Macy’s One A Sweater, Cable Knit Poncho US$34, White House Turtleneck Poncho CAN$45.80
Suzy Shier Fringed Turtleneck Poncho CAN$28, Chicos Peaceful Stripe Desiree Poncho US$39.99

Are you loving the Poncho?

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on March 15, 2014  Taryn said:

Ponchos are great for travelling in and wearing in the evening on holiday if there is a cool breeze.
Love them and probably will be wearing mine with shorts this year.

on November 16, 2010  Becky  13,008 said:

I love ponchos!! and the pics you guys put up here are gorgeous! i really could not pick a fav among them because they each look so individually beautiful

on November 16, 2010  mamaluv  STAFF said:

I love my poncho!

on November 15, 2010  Bren  23,841 said:

Some of these are really nice.I love the open knit one

on November 15, 2010  asiangoddess said:

I still have my ponchos from 6 years ago..I guess I'm bringing them out again! haha I loveee ponchos! They're so comfy!

on November 15, 2010  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

I like ponchos! They are chic and effortless and keep you cozy. Win, win win!

The only other piece of clothing that can keep you this warm is a slanket and obviously we'd never be caught wearing that!

on November 15, 2010  jchang212  91 said:

I think it's good only for certain body types...
Defs not for me! I'd be looking like a lollipop!

on November 15, 2010  AnnaV  1,018 said:

In my opinion, ponchos should be worn when it's cold so the short shorts look with it makes no sense to me. Well, but I guess if I had legs like Kate's I would show it off also...

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