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Should I Try This: 'Baby Feet' Fruit Acid Peel

Posted by Alexandra C. | Tuesday November 5, 201327 comments

One of things you may not know about me is that I have the world's ugliest feet. I really do. I hate wearing socks and in my infinite wisdom, I tend to buy the most impractical, uncomfortable, cheap shoes ever and as such my feet have developed a nice leathery feel to them. My heels have this great, hardened quality that just begs to be shown off in sandals. Ladies: I can rest assured that I will never be the object of some weird foot fetish serial killer.

It's fall now, which is awesome for me because I can wear boots 24/7 and my feet can never see the light of day. However, before I know it spring will be here again and my poor, hideous feet will need to be put back in sandals. So, in an effort to have socially acceptable feet, I've been looking for foot scrubs, buffers, peels, sanders, you name it so that I can avoid pubic humiliation and shame. 

You know I love me some crazy weird Asian beauty products. So when I came across this product called 'Baby Foot Peel' I was all, "WHAT THE WHAT?!'. Baby Foot basically peels off the layers of your skin, like a snake and what you're left with is super soft, new baby-esque feet. It runs for about $25.00. 

I know. I'll let you have a minute to take all this info in. For someone like me that has layers upon layers of disgusting hobbit skin feet, this may be a game changer.

Upon further research, and reading reviews from a few sources, this product seems to actually work. But here's the thing: it's kind of weird and disgusting. I hesitate to show you photos of it, so I found a few of the less graphic ones, though be warned it's on the NSFL (not safe for life) side:

To use Baby Foot, you essentially wrap your foot in a plastic bag that contains a fruit-acid solution and leave it on for an hour to let it do it's bidness. According to beautysage.com, which sells the product, Baby Foot uses '17 different natural extracts that penetrate the dead skin cells and dissolve the Desmosomes (adhesive fibers) that are between those layers—allowing the peeling process to begin gently and naturally'. Most of the reviews I read commented that it takes about two days for the peel to start it's work but when it does, the flood gates open and watch out cause your skin is gonna start apeelin'. Which ironically, is pretty unappealing (get it?). 

My question to you chicks is this: should I try this? I'm a little on the fence about the safety and general ickiness involved here. Though, if it can solve my feet issues - I'm totally all for it. What do you think? Is it worth $25 to test it out? Or should I hold off and maybe just stick with a pumice stone?

(images via xojane.com, beautybuzzhk.com)
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on March 18, 2014  valaita  3,106 said:

Looking for an update! Did you end up trying the product? If so, what were the results! Would love to hear whether you recommended the product or not as I have similar foot issues!

on November 16, 2013  PurpleE  663 said:

Okay so I totally got a free sample of this from my nail girl. Though it is a different brand, this one is Korean, it is the exact same idea. I am so excited to try it out after you posted this article. I will post a review after I try it out!

on November 11, 2013  Steffikah  9,130 said:

Well, I wouldn't be opposed even if I may take off my socks to experience some lovely snow(flakes). I say go for it... what have you got to lose?

on November 08, 2013  The Pink Panther  1,492 said:

DOOOO IT! I think you should give it a try :)

on November 08, 2013  midnitealize  950 said:

All week i've been toying with getting this product. I think i might suck it up and see how well it does...

on November 07, 2013  Elizabeth said:

Wow you have opened the flood gates for me and that store..... They are now promoting a product with placenta extract... Just wow

on November 07, 2013  flowerkat8  190 said:

I've used this, it's a great product. It works exactly as promised.

on November 07, 2013  grannychanny  1,593 said:

I would just like you to be careful because that skin underneath is soft and tender so you my hurt yourself so..........please watch where you walk and keep socks and either slippers or shoes on to protect your new dogs!

on November 07, 2013  Grannychanny said:

I would just like you to be careful because that skin underneath is soft and tender so you my hurt yourself so..........please watch where you walk and keep socks and either sli.ppers or shoes on

on November 07, 2013  suigeneris  2,244 said:

Yikes! I definitely wouldn't risk it!

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