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Sweater Pose Off: Guess Who's Wearing Vintage (and Win!)

| Thursday November 11, 2010106 comments

We're bundled up in our favourite cozy sweaters this week.  How are you dressing yours up?

Ali's candy-apple lips and soft blue sweater pop against her charcoal gray-striped scarf and still-chic over-the-knee boots.

Cathy cinches her wrap-style sweater with a thin braided belt, and chooses a favourite ring on a simple chain for a necklace.

Jen's pretty purple sweater looks sophisticated with pearls and smoky wideleg trousers.

As always, Hafsa brings loads of flair to a simple outfit with a layered necklace and distressed jean shorts.

Now for the fun: One of our posers rescued a piece from Mom's donation pile.  Who was it and which item did she give a second spin?  Someone's correct guess will win them a prize from our swag stash!
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on November 11, 2010  Been There! said:

OMG! It has to be Haftsa's sweater! I'm sure I had one in the late '80's too!

on November 11, 2010  Sarah said:

Cathy's braided belt.

on November 11, 2010  Faiza  369 said:

Cathy's belt

on November 11, 2010  kim cafferky said:

Hasfa's cardigan!

on November 11, 2010  dolce_bellissima  4,214 said:

Hafsa's Sweater

on November 11, 2010  Suzanne said:

Hafsa's sweater.

on November 11, 2010  flowerfaerie  366 said:

Kathy's ring was from her mum. The pattern on the sweater Hafsa is wearing actually came into play again a few years ago so I don't think it's a real vintage piece.

on November 11, 2010  Michelle said:


on November 11, 2010  StarrNJ  465 said:

Hafsa's Sweater.

on November 11, 2010  Tiffani said:

Hafsa's sweater for sure

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