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The Pregnancy Diaries: That Awkward In-between Stage

Posted by Ali | Tuesday March 29, 20113 comments

"Is she pregnant or did she just gain weight?" I can tell that's what people are thinking when they look at me these days. They don't say anything of course, but their eyes skim over my fuller face (lucky me, it's the first place I gain weight), then carry on to my little pouch and in some horrifying cases, my hips. Don't get me wrong—I don't look fat by any means but to anyone who knows me, I definitely look like I've developed a taste for beer and poutine. Unlike Victoria Beckham who claims to be due around the same time, I have gained 16 lbs but because my belly is still wee, it's not obviously pregnancy weight. 

Since most people are too polite to say anything and I'm not one to announce my business to all in earshot, I've noticed myself adopting body language to make it clear yet unspoken that no, I have not just let myself go. I've started rubbing my belly in casual conversations or just lightly resting my hand on it. I'll admit I've even stuck it out on purpose. I have become the stereotypical pregnant woman.

Truth be told, I wasn't anticipating the weight gain to be evenly spread throughout my hips and lower back. How silly of me to think it would only be my belly and finally(!) my boobs. That's not how it works, Sisters—your butt goes up in size along with the rest of it. 

I did a foolish thing the other day. I tried on a pair of pre-pregnancy skinny jeans and found I could not get them up past my knees. That was a dark day in my household.

On the bright side, preggie plump does have its advantages! I have been joyfully using the expectant mother's parking spot in front of stores, even though no one can tell I need it and are probably cursing me under their breath, and I've been making my husband carry everything. Like, even my purse. (There's a lot of heavy sh-t in there, ok?)

To all of the newly minted Moms-to-Be, I have a question: When you first started gaining pregnancy weight were you self-conscious about it? Did you feel the need to explain yourself to strangers?

XO, Mommy-to-be
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on March 31, 2011  cathy3087  98 said:

@amelie: omgosh I can't believe you mowed the lawn at 8 months pregnant! Your neighbours must have thought you were nuts! hehe

on March 29, 2011  LaurenBlair  128 said:

I just let out a wimper for you thinking about what it's like to try on jeans that used to fit. Just keep rubbin that belly; You'll be back in those jeans in no time!

on March 29, 2011  amelie  2,273 said:

Oh, how I remember these days! I did all the things you mention - sticking my belly out, even wearing maternity clothes as early as possible because a few years ago they really were a little more obvious than the new stuff they have in stores right now.

However, I don't think my hubby willingly carried my purse, and I don't think I even asked him to. I was so worried about post pregnancy jiggle that I used every excuse to carry on in my daily routine (without starting a new exercise regimen - that's not recommended) to make sure I'd be relatively fit. I have even been known to mow the lawn at 8 months pregnant... carefully, of course!

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