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New Product Review Club Offer / Club des bancs d'essai : Baby Dove

Monday February 20, 2017 by Jennifer

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Calling all new moms: we have a surprise!

Dove is expecting a new addition to their family -- and it comes in the form of a *new* line of Baby Dove products!

300 Canadian women from our Product Review Club will get the opportunity to try one of the following product packages from Baby Dove:

Baby Dove Rich Moisture:

New Product Review Club Offer: CeraVe Mom & Baby Collection

Tuesday April 14, 2015 by ChickAdvisor Team

When you have a child, everything changes. Your priorities shift, sleep is a luxury, and your new favourite accessory is not a sparkly clutch but a military-grade diaper bag. This 24/7 job won't contribute to your RRSP or come with an expense account, but it does pay out in toothless grins, hilarious developmental milestones, and more love than you ever thought you could possibly...

11 Tips to Help You Get Pregnant Faster

Tuesday February 10, 2015 by Claire

Trying to conceive (or "TTC" as parents-to-be call it) is not just a matter of making love every other day and happily finding a plus sign on the pee stick at the end of the month. According to one study, about 20% of moms-in-waiting are still unsuccessful after six months of trying. Speaking from personal experience, this can be very demoralizing.

So what can you do to increase your chances of...

New Product Review Club Opportunity: First Response Digital Ovulation Test

Monday January 5, 2015 by Claire


Starting a family can be a nerve-wracking experience. Are you ever truly ready for this huge step? As teens and young adults, we spend much of our time trying to avoid pregnancy. Going from deathly afraid to desperately wanting a baby is an interesting journey.

My first child was unplanned. We were happily married but we were also students: broke, busy, and absolutely not ready to settle...

How to Lose Belly Fat After Having a Baby

Friday December 12, 2014 by Ali

How to Lose Belly Fat after having a babyBefore we get into the details of these super helpful tips prepared by my Personal Trainer, Steph Sibbio (pictured above with my baby girl) let me get one thing out of the way first: wanting to firm up your belly after a baby is not a reflection of how you feel about becoming a mother or about your children.

Getting a toned tummy is a desire shared by many women at any stage of life. Having your...

Pregnancy Brain Strikes Again

Tuesday March 19, 2013 by Ali

Pregnancy makes me feel just about as dumb as this photo.

I experienced a healthy dose of stupid when pregnant with baby #1, including wearing my underwear backward and forgetting how to spell.  Yet somehow, it's been a shock to me that Pregnancy Brain is back for baby #2.  Like it's something you should become immune to after you've had it once.

While my academic spelling and...

Pregnancy Sickness and What I Have in Common with Kate Middleton

Friday March 1, 2013 by Ali

 Pregnancy Sickness
I have a ton in common with Duchess Kate.  Actually, I'm pretty sure if we met we'd be instant best friends. Here's why:

1. We're both natural brunettes
2. Both married to a Prince (mine might be figurative)
3. Entrepreneurial family
4. Excellent British accent (one might be faked)
5. Bald(ing) husbands
6. Love of hats
7. Love of shoes
8. Baby due this summer
9. Hyperemesis...

How To Get Out of Diaper Duty: A Confessional

Thursday April 26, 2012 by Ali

How to Get out of Diaper Duty: A Confessional
No baby knows how to fill a diaper quite like my son.  It's epic, really.  Even as a newborn when we heard the grunts, saw the redness in his face and the concentration in his stare, we knew it was time to brace for the worst. 

But ladies, get ready to thank me because I have figured out how to get my husband to change almost every evening and weekend diaper our son has had for...

How to Travel to NYC With an Infant

Friday April 13, 2012 by Ali

The short answer is you might want to reconsider that.  I just returned from four days in New York City with my husband and baby and was quite disappointed to discover how hard it is to get around with a babe in tow. Sure, it's a big bustling city and space is always an issue but it went beyond that.  From small inconveniences like waiting on the side of the sidewalk until there was...

7 Things No One Tells You About Becoming a Mom

Wednesday January 18, 2012 by Ali

Before my baby boy was born I got a lot of advice.  I still continue to receive a lot of (unsolicited) advice.  But no one told me the following super important details I am about to share with you. You're Welcome, in advance.

1. Don't buy a nursing bra with underwire.
  Unless you like blocked milk ducts. 
The busty woman at the bra store turned me away from a really...

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