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Top 20 Online Shopping Sites

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday December 31, 201217 comments

Fact #1: I love shopping. 

Fact #2: I love getting a great deal. 

Fact #3: I hate crowds. 

Malls (especially on Boxing Day, nay, Week) are places of craziness that I avoid. The line ups and packed stores are too daunting. Just the thought of waiting in a hot store with my bulky winter jacket makes me cringe. 

Like all of life's issues, the Internet has a solution. Thank goodness for online shopping. Gone are the days where you would have to get up early, get dressed and trek down to find good parking. I do all my shopping from the comfort of my bed in PJs and the stores are open 24/7!

If you're like me, you're making lists and planning your online shopping haul to take advantage of sales and clearance. So we thought we'd help you out by giving you some of our favourite sites to hit up. We wanted to show some love to the International chicks too, so we came up with 10 Canadian and 10 U.S. sites to visit.


Ebates.ca: Shop some of your favourite stores through Ebates to receive cash back on every purchase! 

Clubmonaco.com: A great spot for anything from trendy office wear to cocktail dresses and loads of gorgeous accessories. 

Jacob.ca: I love Jacob for it's simple but elegant styles. 

Garage.ca: This is an excellent shop for younger teen girls and a good place to stock up on basics. 

Thebay.com: With Top Shop, The Room and Material Girl all under it's belt, they've seriously stepped up the style game. 

Chapters.indigo.ca: A destination for gifts, CDs, DVDs and of course, books!

Eluxe.ca: A Canadian site with tons of designer brands and great labels and names.

Nailpolishcanada.com: With a huge selection and variety, this is the place for polish for all Canadians. 

Ebeauty.ca: Some hard to find items and hidden beauty gems can be found here.

Murale.ca: Has some unique exclusive brands and best seller cult faves. 

Also worth a mention: 

Well.ca: For drugstore products ranging from lipstick to vitamin C.

Beyondtherack.com: Flash sale site for brand names.

Aldoshoes.com: Heels, heels and more heels!

U.S. or International stores (that ship to Canada): 

Forever21.com: For inexpensive, trendy pieces.
Solestruck.com: Seriously cool shoes can be found here!
Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic: Some great basics, but also work appropriate and some trendier pieces. Good for families. 
Nasty Gal.com: Unique, trendy clothing, shoes, accessories.
Freepeople.com: Cozy, comfy and boho.
Jcrew.com: Good quality, chic and glam.

Intermixonline.com: Great options for the working woman. 

Express.com: Mix of work wear, cocktail dresses and casual jeans and tops in tons of colours. 

Madewell.com: Basic cuts in interesting colours and patterns, a cute retro feel. 
Ebay: Don't discount eBay! You can literally find any and everything here and at a reasonable price. 

Also worth a mention: 

Amazon.ca: A destination for books, movies and CDs. 

Asos.com: A huge selection of trendy pieces at many different price points. Watch out for duty charges though. 

A little taste of what you can find: 

1. Long Sleeve Print Blouse, express.com

2. CZ Falconer Striped Sweater, eluxe.ca 

3. Parisian Chic: A Style Guide, chapters.indigo.ca

4. Teal Classic Blouse, jacob.ca

5. Skin Authority Brightening Serum, murale.ca
6. Deborah Lippman Polish, nailpolishcanada.com

Do you have a favourite online shopping site? 
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on April 08, 2024  untung33 said:

di untung33 kmu bisa merasakan kesenangan dan kemenangan yang lebih dengan mudah.









on May 30, 2019  Ashlay Jones said:

You saved my money with this post istg 😂 Was looking non
stop for a new skirt for Christmas that wasn’t crazy expensive but exactly
what I was looking for and “GS Loves Me” had that! And it was on clearance! I
didn’t know about that website and now I do thanks to you. Thank-you so much
♥️🙏🏼 I smashed the subscribe button as well 😊

on April 23, 2019  Alisha Ross said:

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on September 28, 2015  Kylee  40,914 said:

This is a very good list of stores to do online shopping! Online shopping is great, it's a good way to buy clothing and not have to worry about the crowds of people in a mall. It's so easy and saves time. :)

on February 04, 2013  jamiesheerin  124 said:

I love jacob.ca, with fabulous apparel collections

on January 08, 2013  lucy-o  465 said:

i really like shop.puma.ca and bench.ca

on January 08, 2013  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

I do a lot of shopping online. Especially from stores like Club Monaco or Banana Republic where they have good return policies, or I can take it back in store. I find malls exhausting. I prefer to do most of my shopping when I'm away on vacation. It's part of the exploration of whichever new city I'm visiting!

on January 04, 2013  LissaG  6,010 said:

Great list! (But shame on you for feeding my online shopping addiction :))

on January 03, 2013  Racenhawk  2,704 said:

not a big fan of on-line shopping, I like to see and try on the merchandise for myself

on January 02, 2013  Patricia  6,845 said:

I agree with some of the Chicks here... buying clothes and shoes online scares me. I had to order shoes online for a wedding because the bride wanted all the bridesmaids to wear these shoes she found ons ale on Beyondtherack. Thankfully they fit me ok but another girl in the wedding had to have them stretched a lot!

I also wanted to mention Etsy.com. Great sight for handmade and vintage items! :)

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