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Wedding Ideas and Inspiration: The Rustic Hunger Games Wedding

Posted by Alexandra C. | Thursday March 29, 2012133 comments

It's no secret how obsessed we are with The Hunger Games. However, if we thought we were the biggest fans around then we were sorely mistaken. While we thought we'd hit the mark with our Hunger Games Inspired Party Ideas, it seems we've been trumped by couples having Hunger Games themed weddings! 

The Hunger Games actually makes for a great theme because of the romance, rustic place setting woodland atmosphere. It translates so well for an elegant, unique and intimate occasion like a wedding and can be achieved easily with decor, dress and of course, food!

Hair and Accessories

Of course, we've got to mention the hair. Katniss wears her hair in a side braid and it's her signature style which comes in especially handy for quick bow and arrow drawing! We think a side braid or even ponytail, done intricately would be divine for a wedding day look. We love the added flower details for a hippie chic look.

Depending on your personal style, you can go more bohemian and organic with this look or have a sleek, more sophisticated style. 

For the dress, we think the real Katniss wouldn't be into the typical 'girly' and 'frilly' look. Go for something clean lined, modern and elegant. 

These rings aren't over the top, just a small way to show off your Hunger Games love. The arrow theme is very prominent so it's only fitting the rings should match.   
Food and Cake

We've talked a bit about Hunger Games food in our party article before, but The Hunger Games is all about simple, country, comfort foods. Think stews, breads, biscuits and fresh fruits. You can actually take foods mentioned in the book and use those in the wedding too (lamb stew, orange juice, cookies etc). Because this is also a very rustic wedding, we like the idea of using preserves and pickled foods which also make very pretty and colourful additions to the table.

The cake will be your 'piece de resistance' for the wedding, so go all out! Incorporate symbols and themes from the book into your cake. Berries play an important role in the book and so use them in your desserts as well, or have them in bowls on tables as centre pieces.


Text or quotes from the book used in the invites sets up the theme for your guests. Again, using symbols from the book like arrows, brings everything together for your event. 


Wild flowers are the perfect accessory for The Hunger Games wedding. Don't go for the typical roses, think of flowers you would find in the country instead. These bouquets aren't perfect, they're sweet and romantic, a little vintage and homey. We loved the idea of wrapping burlap or twine around them as well. One of the major themes in the book is yellow flowers; you don't necessarily need to go for the exact same yellow flowers as mentioned in The Hunger Games either, try any yellow flower you like. 


We mentioned yellow flowers being a major theme, continue the yellow into the decor with table settings or center pieces. Bring the outdoors indoors by using live plants and fresh flowers. Go for earthy colours to compliment the yellow and remember, it's all about country and rustic romance! 

What do you think of The Hunger Games wedding? 

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on September 07, 2012  annmarie  4,246 said:

The mini potted plants for table settings is a great idea.

on September 07, 2012  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

I'm not a fan of basing a wedding theme from a movie, but these styles on their own are beautiful. I love the romantic feeling of them, and most are very rustic & vintage looking. Beautiful pictures. The cake with the ferns and holly is absolutely stunning. I also love the hairstyles, and the lace gowns.

on May 31, 2012  lawrencesharon  1,325 said:

I loved the hairstyles.

on April 05, 2012  stelltimom  665 said:

I would take a few of the ideas (like the hair styles, flowers and maybe even an outdoor venue) to create a beautiful and romantic wedding. The problem is that even though the book has the undertone premise of love conquering all, the fact remains that the book is also about extreme poverty imposed by the government, children chosen by the government to fight to the death in hopes of winning a better life (that is food and shelter for the tribute winner's family), and families forced to endure hardships beyond imagination because of the government. So, in chosing a "Hunger Games Wedding Theme" I think not, but we can take away some of the beautiful aspects of it and create a magical wedding. (IMHO)

on April 05, 2012  fredamans  11,737 said:

LOVE the hair ideas!

on April 04, 2012  cole said:

All of these feel too clean and pretty for the Hunger Games. I like some of the ideas, but think it's a stretch to tie it in

on April 04, 2012  jalr  3,834 said:

I like the simplicity of the wedding elements/items such as the vintage style clothes, comfort food, the grape Hyacinthe and wildflower bouquets, drinks with straws in glass milk bottles, Mason jars/jam jars, symbols on stationary, etc. I thought it had a nice casual feel to it. A naturalness that makes it stand out to me in a nice way. A wedding is supposed to be about a couple and how they choose to start and celebrate their life together

on April 04, 2012  assia  1,563 said:


on April 02, 2012  mamaluv  STAFF said:

Yes, there's no denying that Hunger Games has much much darkness, but so do many other popular stories like the Twilight trilogy, Lord of the Rings, Phantom of the Opera, Shakespeare's tragedies, and even most fairy tales when it comes right down to it (the original stories of Snow White, Cinderella, Little Mermaid, etc to name just a few). Love in the midst of darkness is extremely common. Do you want to base your wedding on the darkness? No, of course not. But if someone can have a Superbowl themed wedding (head injuries and drunken fan fights), is it really so far fetched for people to use some of the beauty in Hunger Games to use in their wedding?

on April 02, 2012  sodarnsweet  2,206 said:

A bit to rustic for me...like the hairstyles though.

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