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What's In My Bag?

Posted by ChickAdvisor Team | Wednesday September 7, 20116 comments
Purses and handbags are a pretty personal item- asking to look into someone else's purse is like asking to look into an undie drawer! For most people, it's where your most prized possessions and most important pieces are kept. It's where you keep your identification; literally and figuratively. After coming across this post, we decided to give all the readers a little peek inside all of our purses and give you a rare glimpse into our personalities. 

Alexandra says: My bag is kind of a mess. I admit it. Yes- that is a bag within a bag that you see there as well. I carry around a clutch in my bag so that if need be- I can zip out for a night on the town (smart, eh?). I have two notebooks, an agenda, blackberry and tons of post-its and pens which is how I keep so organized amidst the chaos. I also have six lipsticks, eye shadow, two eye liners, mascara, body spray, deodorant and a juice box in my bag which means I carry around a drugstore. Also, little aside tidbit here, I don't drive so I carry around my passport as I.D.

Tammy says: My bag has a lot of garbage (including a Costco flyer) in it, so much that I actually had to clear it out before pictures were taken. In my purse there is: my keys attached to a pepper spray; a make-up bag with some lipsticks and glosses, eyeliner, oil-sheets and a hair pin. I also have my umbrella, my e-reader (currently reading The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes), blackberry, some A
dvil, a USB key, hand sanitizer, Ipod touch with headphones, a pen, my wallet, sunglasses, bus pass, a necklace and of course, a golf glove. When do you not need one of those, right? I have a lot of random things in there I must admit but hey, you never know when something could be useful right? At least that's what I tell myself!
Jenni says: I have absolutely nothing interesting in my bag. I try to travel light whenever I go anywhere, because I hate having heavy bags digging into my shoulders. My most important object is my laptop, which I carry to work every day. I have a pair of sunglasses, my cellphone, wallet, make-up case and some gum. I carry my Forever21 rings with me everywhere, because I'm always meaning to wear them and then never remember to take them out of my bag. The most random thing you'll find in there though is a ticket to the CN Tower. I went there a couple weeks ago, and must have forgotten about it because it's still in my bag!

Michelle says: This handbag is one of my prized possessions, it's a vintage Coach handbag from the 60's/70's. Also known as my "low maintenance, running around the city (shopping), handsfree, cross-body, handbag." The necessities in my handbag can be presented to you in three categories:
#1 The Paperwork-My wedding venue contract, my new Mani/Pedi loyalty card, and a movie pass I am holding on to from a very special date with friends last weekend. 
#2 The Tools- The in-famous Blackberry, the must-have Toronto Metropass, and those pesky House Keys that recently got adorned with a (fake) Louis Vuitton teddy bear from Shanghai and a bronze Eiffel Tower from Paris. 
#3 Beauty Essentials. My new and trusty concealer, a gifted cherry chapstick, lip gloss, breath mints, and hair elastics. 

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on September 07, 2011  AlexJC  50 said:

If I am just going shopping or eating or just out for the day, I'm all about the clutch or cross body bag. I can't stand the bulky, heavy shoulder bag. I only use this bag for work- but I keep all my essentials in my clutch and take it out for the weekend- super useful!

on September 07, 2011  TammyK  1,073 said:

LOL Jenni has so little things in her purse :P That's good though at least she won't have an aching shoulder like me. It's a great idea to clean out your purse once a month. I really like what's inside of Alexandra's purse because her pens are so colorful.

on September 07, 2011  jskim07  50 said:

@Takoda, tha'ts a great idea, cleaning out your purse at least once a month. I just throw out everything, which is bad too because then if I need to find a receipt, there's no way i'd get it!
That sounds like a lot of stuff in your bag by the way, I wonder what kind of bag could it be to carry so many things! I should get myself one of those :P

on September 07, 2011  beachbabe  4,164 said:

Oh my goodness, my purse is such a mess. It's so easy to accumulate so much junk! And I think I already carry around WAY more than I need.

on September 07, 2011  takoda  28,627 said:

I use to carry the biggest bag I could find because I
lived out of my bag from high school on. I was only ever home to shower
eat and I was back out the door. That's if I even made it home, half the
time I wouldn't make it home for days at a time so I needed every thing
with me. Ah the good old days when I didn't have a care in the world.
Well maybe two, where the hottest band was playing that night and who I
was going with.LOL After I had my first baby I continued to carry a big
bag so I didn't have to carry a diaper bag with me as well. My life was
in those bags and so was my sons at the time. Now that my sons are old
enough too take care of their self, or so they try to tell me every
chance they get, I carry a smaller bag. But it always has to have a long
enough strap that will go over my head and across my chest. I hate
shopping with a small bag, I hate leaving it in a cart while I go to
pick something up. I'm always worried someone will walk off with my life
while I'm looking through the cookies in the baking department. I saw a
show ounce, I think it was that lady that Opera has on all the time that talks about how to keep your finances in order. Any way she
said to only keep what you absolutely need in your bag and keep your
wallet in order. She said disorder fallows disorder and by keeping your
wallet and bag in order, your life and money will follow suit. So I've
tried to keep everything in my bag down to just what I have to carry and
I give my wallet and bag a good cleaning out at least ounce a month.
Sometimes even more depending on the season and how much shopping I have
done. I haven't become rich by no means, but my life has become a lot
easier since I started this. Just knowing what I have and right where to
find it has helped a lot. Now I just have my wallet, date book and pen,
my small coupon folder, keys, hand wipes, chapstick, brush, gummy
glasses and my cell phone. If I'm going out somewhere special then I
toss my lipstick in there as well, but that's about it. My sunglasses
stay in my car so I never forget them and if I'm going for groceries
I'll bring my note pad along too. My mom use to call my old bags my
suitcases because they were always so heavy. LOL

on September 07, 2011  max said:

The contents of a woman's purse is the most fascinating thing ever. I'm a bag lady so my purse is always filled with all kinds of crap. Check me out here: http://reereeinthecity.com/blog/?p=110

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