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Yay! or Nay! : Katy Perry's Pink Hair

Posted by Alexandra C. | Wednesday August 3, 20119 comments

In early July, we posted a forum on Katy Perry's new ginger hair colour. Some of us loved it like member jwitt who thought she still looked adorable. Others like member Becky were still loving her original raven haired locks. 

At the Smurfs movie premiere, Katy debuted not just a dress that had us in a tizzy but new blonde hair as well. 

Katy has done it again, this time, she's been spotted with new pink hair!

So- the question is Yay! or Nay! Let us know below in the comments if you think this is a style winner!

All I have to say is, girlfriend better be moisturising and conditioning up a storm 'cause that dye is going to reek havoc on that hair! 
(Images via http://stylenews.peoplestylewatch.com and dailymail.co.uk 
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on August 04, 2011  AlexJC  50 said:

Kate Bosworth just stepped out with dip dyed clue ends and it looks awesome- I'm loving it. Check it out: http://www.chickadvisor.com/chickchat/beauty/dip-dying-hair/2/?p=17387#new

on August 04, 2011  Becky  13,008 said:

What? Are you kidding me? Big nay. But I agree with mamaluv, I do love how she is a total chameleon with her haircolour. She's beautiful, and I think although I loved her raven locks, the Blonde suites her just as well, and pink not at all.

on August 03, 2011  GlamGal  2,378 said:

Nay! I am not mad about the ginger and the pink is not grabbing me either! I like the classic dark colour of Katy's original locks.

on August 03, 2011  LadyFlash  8,696 said:

Nay. However, I'd like to see it down and styled to get a better look.

on August 03, 2011  mamaluv  STAFF said:

I love that she's such a chameleon. There are many women who really shouldn't stray from their natural hair hue because their colouring can't handle something truly wild. I think Katy is one of the lucky few who can really go all out.

Having said that, I'm not crazy about the pink. I think it's too cool (colour temperature) for her - the other shades she's sported are warm and work better for her.

on August 03, 2011  TammyK  1,073 said:

Nay for me. Ya she can pull it off but it's not as nice as her dark hair.

on August 03, 2011  jskim07  50 said:

She can pull off any style, really....I'm going to say Yay, temporarily.

on August 03, 2011  AlexJC  50 said:

@takoda I agree! I think this pink looks too washed out- she should have gone with a bolder, brighter and more intense colour if anything! This does make me appreciate her ginger and blonde hair more though. On a side note- I like that flowy seafoam maxi dress.

on August 03, 2011  takoda  28,157 said:


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