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Yay or Nay: Lea Michele's Red Carpet Trench Coat

Posted by Alexandra C. | Monday October 1, 2012153 comments

A great trench coat, that flatters and fits your body is a wardrobe staple. A dress coat, a la Kate Middleton, is a chic alternative to a shift. Now, what happens if you combine these two pieces? Ask Lea Michele.  

Lea was recently presented as the face of L’Oreal and on her red carpet debut, she was outfitted in a shiny gold Lanvin trench coat dress. I’ll say first that while the shoes aren’t anything super special, they’re quite fetching and sexy so I’ll give her a thumbs up for those. I really can’t make up my mind about the dress, and to be honest, I’m not sure if the dress can make up it’s mind either. 

It seems like it’s caught in the middle of two styles and neither of them are done justice. There’s a lot of skin showing and I don’t blame her; she’s a total knockout. I just don't think bare skin and a trench coat really mix.  Also, the shininess might be throwing me off some. Is it not very distracting? All in all, I feel like this outfit could have been done better. She’s a pretty girl in a ‘meh’ dress and it could have been a pretty girl in a ‘va va voom’ dress. I’m giving her a B- on this one.

What about you? What do you think of this trench coat style dress? Is she werkin’ it? Would you wear something like this? Leave a comment with your yay or nay vote by October 7th and you could win!

(images via mydaily.co.uk, bellattitude.fr, tomandlorenzo.com)
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on October 09, 2012  qtpi65  667 said:


on October 09, 2012  nicolerae  411 said:

This contest is now closed.
The winner selected is Anne-Marie Adam. Congrats!

on October 07, 2012  Buffywannabe  470 said:

I would wear as a coat, not a dress

on October 07, 2012  vskidd  838 said:

Yay, looks great on her!

on October 07, 2012  Happygardener  803 said:


on October 07, 2012  Happygardener  803 said:

i love the coat1It looks great o her1Fun piece to add to your wardrobe!

on October 07, 2012  hideouslyheather  1,024 said:

YAY ! I think what makes it work is the colour and shiny material ! It looks fabulous

on October 06, 2012  Dinah123  1,236 said:

Yay she looks good!

on October 06, 2012  Toolie  410 said:


on October 06, 2012  bioscisweetie  12,745 said:

Yay! I love the classic style. I would totally wear it.

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