6 Things You Should Know Before Booking Your Next Nail Appointment

Wednesday July 16, 2014 by Maddie Jo


For most of us, when booking a mani/pedi we don't think beyond what colour of polish to choose. But since you're subjecting your fingers and toes to any manner of tools, germs, and experience of the technician, we've gathered the following guidelines you must read before your next nail appointment. 

We met up with spa owner Cathy Mancini who runs Lux-Spa located in the heart of Yorkville, Toronto’s most posh part of town. Mancini says there are a few crucial details to take into consideration before getting a treatment. 

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“Before even making an appointment, I would suggest actually going to the establishment and having a look around for yourself. You want to make sure it actually looks clean. If it's dusty and grungy looking, why would you want to spend even five minutes in there?” says Mancini.

Even if it looks clean, you should ask to see how the stations and tools are sterilized. “You want to make sure they are using a product called Accel, which is sprayed in foot baths and on implements.”

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At Lux-Spa, the estheticians all have college diplomas and/or certificates. Mancini says she runs a health conscious business, and her trained employees are huge on cleanliness and the clients’ well-being. “When receiving treatments cuticles mustn't be cut,” says Mancini, “Only the white dead skin is safe to remove. If you get rid of the cuticle, that area is wide open, anything can get in and cause infection.”

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The attitudes of the employees play a big part in a relaxing spa experience. Mancini says to pay close attention to how they treat clientele: Do the clients look like they are being rushed out? Do clients look relaxed? Are they enjoying their services? How does staff interact with the clients?


Lux-Spa stands out from the others; you can't smell polish or other harsh products in the spa, and Mancini says Lux-Spa treatments last way longer. "You'll find that you won't need another pedi for six weeks, or a mani for three weeks. Most places you'll need a new one a week later!"

At Lux-Spa, Mancini says there are no unwanted surprises, “You must always watch out for additional charges. Many places have hidden fees for: callus removal, filing, cuticle work, massage, nail polish, etc.”


Most products used at Lux-Spa are organic. "Love Fresh", the organic and or all natural and very popular line used feels and smells like heaven.


Lux-Spa also treats their clients to complimentary coffee, tea and water. They host fun events like Martini Mani Mondays, and they’re always setting up Mani-Bar’s at various social functions in the GTA.


Checklist RE-CAP:

1. Don’t let your esthetician remove your cuticles

2. Make sure environment is clean; ask if they use good sterilizing products such as "Accel" for tools and stations

3. Ask how educated the employees are

4. Make sure other clients look like they’re content

5. Ask if creams and scrubs are organic or natural (no harsh chemicals)

6. Be sure you know what the full cost is, and what’s included in your treatment


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ChickAdvisor’s favourite treatment? Lux-Spa’s “Chocolate Pedi”; a LUXiourious one hour and 15 minute pedicure! 

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on Dec 05, 2014  Onimiki  1,858 said:

Very informative! Thank you!

on Sep 24, 2014  brit_tany33  3,748 said:

Sometimes it can be scary to speak up and ask questions of your salon lady, or let them know you don't like something, or ask them not to do something they would normally do on everyone...but essentially you are paying for their services so you want to make sure the services are just what YOU want! It's just like getting your hair cut...you don't want to walk away unhappy with what you got and having to either pay for it to be re-done, or just "fix" it yourself! As someone who loves getting their nails done, and also doing them myself...I have learned to either speak up or you cant really complain :)

on Aug 31, 2014  Zillah82  1,339 said:

Good article! I never would have known about a few of these. Thanks

on Aug 22, 2014  Zillah82  1,339 said:

Great article!

on Aug 17, 2014  solarya  2,779 said:

Hey thanks for posting this, love this article. Taught me a lot! TY

on Aug 16, 2014  SHIEBS  702 said:

I actually never thought to ask if the creams and scrubs are organic...I've been to a lot of mani/pedi providers and have yet to find a favourite, these questions will help in the future.

on Aug 12, 2014  Shaunah  1,618 said:

Definitely trust your gut, and don't be afraid to say something if you aren't happy with the service midway through. I've had a nail tech file my natural nail surface before applying shellac - she told me the polish wouldn't last as long without doing so when I spoke up, but I told her I would prefer she just cleanse the nail rather than damage it by filing.

on Aug 09, 2014  awhit066  863 said:

Scary, but good to know!

on Aug 06, 2014  lysanne.mallet  380 said:

Great article! My one and only experience in a salon was not a success...

on Aug 05, 2014  MissyLee  659 said:

Such an important article. This applies to any place where you might get your nails done, not just for a luxury establishment! Mom goes to a local shop which is by no means high end, but they do a great job and I have gone to check the environment a few times. She used to go to a place w dust bunnies, and that was that for that one. It may be a little thing, but if they can't sweep, how clean can the rest be.

Speaking of which, I'd love to hear how they can and if they do anything to sterilize brushes in between clients? We had a discussion recently about this, like when the OPI is opened and closed and used frequently on dozens of different hands, how can it be, um, safe? Been wondering is all.

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