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10 Wedding Cake Alternatives

Posted by Alexandra C. | Wednesday October 31, 201226 comments

If Jessica Biel's pink wedding is anything to go by, the coloured wedding dress is going to be hot next season. This got us thinking, if the non-traditional dress is gaining popularity, is this a sign of what's to come for spring wedding trends? 
One of the places that you can get most creative in your wedding is the cake. So, why not show off your unique style with a non-traditional wedding dessert? We rounded up 10 delicious and quirky ideas for an alternative to the wedding cake. 
#1: Donuts

(images via pinterest.com, theknot.com, abeautifulmess,typepad.com

We recently divulged that donuts had become our new obsession. They're sweet, colourful and you can get seriously creative with some fun flavours. So why not have a donut cake as your cake? Better yet, a donut hole cake! Provide a side of milk or coffee and tea and it's a delightful dessert for kids and adults. 

#2: Pies

(images via taragueradsoiree.com, stylemepretty.com, eventstoatdc.com)   

With their country chicness, pies are great for adding to a vintage or rustic theme. We love the simple elegance of a pie. We also love that you can serve them in slices or individual mini sizes. 
#3: Cake Pops

(images via bridalsnob.tumblr.com, thepartydress.net, casamenterias.com, bitsybride.com

I believe it's a universally known fact that desserts on a stick are always better. Stack these pops in layers as your main cake or you could even have these cake pops for guests on their way into the venue. 

Don't forget you can decorate your cake pops too! This makes them extra special and can be done as detailed or as simple as you desire. 
#4: Candy Buffet
(images via sweetblissweddings.caglamour.comweddingwindow.comblog.amyatias.com

Add some charm to your wedding with a fun and fabulous candy buffet! Make your guests feel like kids again with a DIY table full of sweets! Buy bulk and your table will also be cost effective. You could even add personalized bags or stickers with your wedding date and name on them. 

#5: Cupcakes 

(images via thecupcakeblog.com, cottonandcrumbs.co.uk, doubletakeblog.com

Cupcakes make a great dessert for a wedding because they look gorgeous stacked up beside each other, can be done in different colours and flavours and you can top them with beautiful embellishments. Guests will also appreciate having their own personal and easily portable piece of cake. 
#6: Ice Cream Station 

(images via theknot.com, unitedwithlove.com, eatdrinkchic.com
Whether you're serving scoops or cones, an ice cream station would be an amazing pleasure for a hot summer wedding. Also try setting up a sundae bar for your guests and get them making their own. 

#7: Fruit and Cheese

(images via polkadotbride.com, elizabethanndesigns.com, 100layercake.com

For the sophisticated palette that may not be a fan of sweets, why not have a layered (literal) cheese cake with a side of figs or grapes? 

#8: Cookies and Milk Bar

(images via mycoolwedding.co.cc, blog.tinyprints.com, love-the-day.com)

Set up a table with as many cookie varieties as you'd like and pair them with different types of milk! This would also make a lovely afternoon snack in place of hors d'oeuvres. 

#9: Pancakes and Waffles 

(images via simplyperfectweddings.blogspot.ca, lucydylanweddings.com, bridebop.com, ruffledblog.com

Who says you have to have your wedding at a certain time or day of the week? Why not have a restful and intimate brunch wedding? 

Complete your brunch wedding with a pancake and waffle bar. Let your guests choose yummy toppings or have different types of pancakes and waffles (blueberry, chocolate chip, etc). 

#10: S'mores 

(images via greenweddingshoes.com, intimateweddings.com, unitedwithlove.com

For the outdoorsy couple that loves low key, delish desserts, set up a s'mores station. If you're already having a summer wedding outdoors, build a bonfire for an extra romantic feel. And, if your wedding is indoors, you can use candles. Have different flavours of marshmallows and have toppings like peanut butter and nutella available. 

Would you go for any of these desserts in your wedding or would you stick with a traditional cake? 
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on November 08, 2012  princesspopa  561 said:

I think I'd just stick to wedding cake..but the cake pops are adorable :)

on November 07, 2012  Racenhawk  2,689 said:

nothing beats a wedding cake, sorry

on November 04, 2012  cutie_marlena  3,191 said:

A lot of these are great...but pancakes and waffles? Ummm... Unless your reception takes place around 9am, it would be a bit silly...although, I have had some wonderful desert waffles with ice cream and fruit before..mmmmmm

on November 01, 2012  angelaj20  81,725 said:

Love the smores idea! Its a great alternative, especially with all the different flavoured marshmallows and chocolates. Yummy!

on November 01, 2012  midnightsun2288  6,053 said:

I think some of these would be great as an addition to a wedding cake, (candy station, smores, fruit and cheese, etc.) rather than a wedding cake replacement. But the cupcakes are a great idea.

on October 31, 2012  smiley_gen  9,832 said:

I'm an old fashion cake girl. I love my cupcakes but I don't think I could swap for anything else.
I would certainly add a station of something....probably a candy bar!!! heehee

on October 31, 2012  takoda  28,648 said:

I love the cup cake's, but I think I'd also have a traditional cake and give the cup cake’s out to my guests for desert, or as they left for the night.

on October 31, 2012  Charmheart16  3,985 said:

These are very creative but I probably would still want a wedding cake. I love the cake pops tower though so I might consider the idea of still having it but as snacks for the guests.

on October 31, 2012  fredamans  12,217 said:

Cute, but I definitely want a traditional wedding cake.

on October 31, 2012  Bren  25,791 said:

oooooo I love that chocolate milk in the big mason jar with a spout how awesome is that!

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