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15 Super Cool Halloween Makeup Ideas

Posted by ChickAdvisor Team | Tuesday October 22, 201319 comments


For us beauty junkies, Halloween isn't just an occasion to load up on sugary sweets. It's an event to show off those makeup skillz. With some great makeup, not only are you going to blow all the other peeps out of the water, but you can coyly say, 'oh this, yeah I just like to dabble, it's nothing'. Plus, a fab face means that you don't have to necessarily go all out in the clothing department. You probably have everything you need for your costume in your makeup kit! And you can get as adorable or as grotesque as you desire! 

Here are 15 amazing makeup ideas for your Halloween night: 

Creative Critters 

(clockwise from left) Meow! This look is simple and subtle. Perfect for a last minute costume or those who aren't too keen on this crazy day. 

Love the shading in this fox look. Seriously, I would wear that smoky eye for a girls' night out, it's too cute. 

This deer face manages to be so sweet, cute and eerily realistic at the same time. Kudos on the contouring too! 

Let Out Your Inner Artist 

I'm in love with the Lichtenstein style comic book girl (so I included it twice!). I think it looks amazing, plus check out that cat eye, so slick! 

Beside Lichtenstein lady, you'll see two other masterpieces: a Picasso and a Warhol. While it takes some serious face painting, I think it's worth it when you see how it looks put together. 

Lastly, I couldn't resist this Frida. HOW CUTE?! If you want to pull this off for yourself, just draw in a unibrow and add a floral hairpiece. 

Pop Culture Icons

Pull a Katy Perry with a coloured wig (I'm pretty sure she's done everything under the sun, so feel free to switch up the colour) and major false eyelashes. 

Love Lady Gaga? Copy her newest album art with this slightly creepy sad clown face. 

Marilyn Monroe is always a good bet. This look is flattering on almost everyone, and if you're already a blonde, it's extra easy to do!

Bold lower lashes and a bright blue make for a swinging 60's look that can be translated into a mod/go go dancer or even Twiggy costume. 

Ghouls and Grayscale  


Kind of disturbing? Makes it perfect for Halloween. Check it out here. 

Beetlejuice for her: this look is super gross and excellent to freak out your friends. 

Love old 50's sitcoms? Recreate your favourite black and white show as these grayscale characters, all you need is facepaint and black and white clothes. 

Which of these do you love? What will you be doing for Halloween?
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on November 16, 2015  Fleurdeys29isa  1,409 said:


on July 23, 2015  Aisha4063  3,239 said:

Some of these are really good. My cousin does a great job on the Mexican Candy Skull and she made it her own way.

on July 08, 2015  How to makeup for Party said:

This is what I want
especially a girl with some many eye on their face is totally outstanding

on May 02, 2015  11kalf  15,467 said:

I love the picasso and warhols- so creative! maybe i'll try something more with makeup this year

on June 10, 2014  Lipo Toronto said:

Love the animal face paint! The others are a bit out there for me.

on April 27, 2014  DZilinski  407 said:

Day of the Dead/ Sugar Skull make up has also been a trend this last year...

on November 01, 2013  midnightsun2288  6,053 said:

I did the comic book one this year, I also love the grayscale.

on October 25, 2013  grannychanny  1,593 said:

How about these... I was going to paste a couple of costumes I made myself but it won't let me but Ill put them in my profile so if you want to take a look

on October 23, 2013  smiley_gen  9,785 said:

The Lady Gaga face is pretty amazing, well done. I LOVE the Warhol! I would do it if I had somewhenre to go but i'll be moving that day.

on October 23, 2013  marica  4,342 said:

Pretty scared pretty cool colour love the face makeup.

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