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We Tried It: Korean 'Gradient Lip' Trend

Posted by Alexandra C. | Wednesday October 30, 201328 comments

A while back, we tried out the ombre lip: think, an updated version of the '90s style liner. Now the ombre lip has turned inside out and we've got the new and improved gradient lip! Darker on the inside and paler on the outside with a glossy finish. The effect is this really pretty, stained petal look. Feminine, subtle and sweet! Sound intriguing? 

I thought so - It's a popular Korean trend! So, I did some research to figure out how to try this out for myself. I mean, look how cute this chick up here looks... I WANT THAT TOO! 

Here's what I used and how: 

Now, you can go for any colour you want, I tried it out with a magenta hue. Once you settle on the shade, you'll need to co-ordinate all your liners, glosses and lipsticks. 
1. Concealer: Cover your lips entirely in concealer
2. Lip Liner: Use a pale liner (pinks work best) and line slightly over your natural lip line (I used a nude colour eyeliner for this)
3. Lipstick: Going from the inside of your mouth and outwards, apply a pigmented dark lipstick colour (use a brush for best results) 
4. Gloss and Liner: To really blend the lipstick colour and make your lips more natural, I used more liner and gloss 

Et, voila! Here's a close up on my gradient lip (#selfie): 

And I gotta say.... meh. Not so much on me. I don't find this particularly flattering on my face. My mouth is tiny enough and the pale liner just makes them disappear. 


Also, my pics, not so great! I wasn't feeling this, obviously. 

What do you think of this look? Is it something you'd try out?
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on March 16, 2016  kristinasimpson90  8,179 said:

I'm not a fan of this trend... it looks like your lipstick is wearing off.

on May 02, 2015  11kalf  15,970 said:

I think this is a neat look- but you would only be able to tell from up close

on April 08, 2015  Sora  5,207 said:

This is a trend?! This happens to my lips against my will sometimes... I never knew I was sporting some makeup trend lol

on November 26, 2014  amandamellott  569 said:

I love it, it's so feminine and adorable, such a nice change from the big, bold looks that border into drag queen territory. I'll be doing this for sure!

on January 23, 2014  wendyroy  25,308 said:

TBH, I am not crazy about the look....perhaps on someone really young, but I think I don't really want to draw attention to the fine lines around my lips.

on November 03, 2013  ellstar  4,919 said:

It's one of those things that works for photography, but not for actual wear.

on November 01, 2013  Steffikah  9,295 said:

I have the required fuller lips but I'm not sure this look is so workable. I like the look on the model but you can't eat or drink with this look without something rubbing off somewhere.

on October 31, 2013  jl13  2,889 said:

Your lips don't look dewy enough, I don't think you did it right (sorry).

I'd use two colours of Stila lip stain with the darker in the centre.

I don't think you need the concealer at all.

Finish with gloss. The original look above is lovely. I think you just missed the mark.

on October 31, 2013  layalxo  2,543 said:

I don't particularly like this trend. On the first photos with the Korean girl it did look nice, however I don't think everyone can pull it off, you have to have a particular skin tone and lip shape. It's still not the nicest looking.

on October 31, 2013  ikandi  1,355 said:

Can't say I care for this trend, unless the person has larger lips where it is more noticeable.

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