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Baby Bump Bliss: The True Joys of Pregnancy

Posted by Ali | Wednesday May 25, 201112 comments

So far in my pregnancy diaries, I've shared a lot of the frustrating or funny things that happen with pregnancy—like excessive gas or selfish people on the subway. But don't be alarmed there is good stuff, too!  No, this isn't the "best I've ever felt" and I don't see myself as "glowing" but there are few things cooler than feeling your baby kick for the first time. The faint fluttering inside a barely-there belly or the sudden appearance of a tiny arm, elbowing it's way across your bump, shark-fin styles is such a thrill.

Month 1: A sweet surprise; Month 2: A quick getaway (for work of course!)

The first time I felt movement I was just over 12 weeks, which is extremely early to feel anything. Part of it has to do with your size and how in tune you are with your body to begin with. Let's just say we're like this. 

I felt a slight stirring that was different from gas or anything else. It was a definitive movement that only lasted a few seconds and then disappeared. I mentioned this to my naturopath who flat out told me it wasn't the baby and that if it was, it would feel more like a twinge or a butterfly. Well, she was wrong because the movements continued and now that I'm 7 months and feel the wee one kicking all the time, it is the same type of sensation.

Month 3: One more getaway (aka do it while you can still wear a bikini without shame); Month 4: The bump begins to appear

I've felt the bulge of a small bum pushing at the surface, a pointy little elbow and a bony little vertebrae.  Sometimes it's a jab to the ribs or my child's favourite, a stomp on the bladder all reminding me of the tiny person inside who, for the record, likes the chocolate croissants and Americano's that are my daily vices.  Thank you very much!

Last week Alex and I attended our first prenatal class where we were told: "If you wouldn't feed it to your newborn, why eat it when you're pregnant?" Mainly the instructor was referencing alcohol and caffeine but using the same rationale you also wouldn't feed your newborn steak or chicken, would you? Shouldn't I be on breast milk and formula then? Shudders.

Baby Month 5: My sweet alien looking child.  What is it about ultrasound photos that  make babies look absolutely terrifying? Month 6: A definite bulge not do be confused with a heavy lunch.

My little bean is most active at night when I'm trying to sleep. The usual routine: pokes coming from both the left and the right, in combination with what feels like fingers strumming and then occasional dancing particularly on whatever side I'm lying on. His favourite move, is a karate kick to the ribs. Sweet dreams, Mommy. Hiyaaah!

Month 7: I can finally flaunt the goods; Month *almost* 8: The load is getting heavy!

I have two months to go. I am fatter by the minute. The nursery is not ready and there are endless supplies left to buy. But for now, I'm enjoying feeling my little baby grow and knowing that in a matter of weeks I'll be able to see that sweet little face and count all of his fingers and toes.

Moms, what did you love most about being pregnant?
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on May 26, 2011  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

My head is officially swelling. Wow you guys are good for my ego! Thank you so much. I'll try to remember this next time I can't get out of the car without a push from behind, LOL!

on May 26, 2011  mela86  2,943 said:

You really do wear being pregnant well and I like that you're embracing it because it is a special time in women's lives. I enjoy reading your stories and the way you've documented your experience. It'll come in handy too when you're ready for baby number 2 :).

What I really enjoyed about being pregnant was the oneness I felt with my unborn child. I felt like him and I were building this lifelong connection in the 9 months he was growing inside of me. And when he came out, it further solidified that feeling. I didn't mind the late night feedings and the minimal sleep I got in the first few months because of the bond that was formed in the 9 months pregnancy stage.

Can't wait to read more of your stories!

on May 25, 2011  beachbabe  4,164 said:

I really think there will never be the "perfect" time to have a baby. There will always be a reason not to. In a few years we'll have more money, a bigger house, be more mature, etc. My husband and I aren't planning to have any kids just yet but we are born-again Christians and believe it's not entirely in our hands anyway. No matter what precautions we take, if we're meant to have a child now, we will! Like I said, it's not the time yet but I am very excited for when that time does come! We will be thrilled!

Ali, you look so lovely! I enjoy reading what you have to say about pregnancy because one of my closest friends is due in November (I'll be an auntie!). You probably don't feel it, but you really do look stunning and I can't wait to hear about this little one when he makes his debut!

on May 25, 2011  mamaluv  STAFF said:

@Becky (and anyone else, for that matter) - I think there are very few people out there who are really and truly READY to have children. You can love other people's kids to death, but reproducing your own offspring that you're responsible for 24/7 is another thing entirely! I definitely wasn't "ready" when I first held the blue stick.

Having said that, your 9 months of pregnancy - even when it's not pleasant - is a wonderful time of transition. Feeling Baby move inside of you, planning the nursery, and being spoiled at baby showers gets you right in the zone. Going into labour makes you scared once again (for the pain AND for the reality of actually having the baby in your arms), but it's over so quickly. Hopefully after giving birth, you will experience such a flood of wonderful emotions that you quickly realize that even though you're a complete newbie at this, somehow you'll muddle through and it'll be the best thing you ever did.

There are some women who have a hard time with it, either because of other personal circumstances, medical issues (like Post Partum Depression), or just aren't "feeling it". Thankfully though, these women are in the overwhelming minority so I always advise my friends and family who are pregnant to not set themselves any expectations but instead rely on their own good sense and the support system they have around them.

on May 25, 2011  Becky  13,128 said:

Ali, you *are* glowing!!! You look just radiant :) You probably can't see it, 'cuz you see yourself everyday, but trust me you are! You're almost 8mo preggers and you still look so tiny, and so FIT and healthy!! I've had pregnant friends and they've all experienced water retention, bloating, etc. How is that working for you?

When you said " I've always loved other people's children and been naturally drawn to them ...." I felt like it was me talking. I love other poeple's children, but never wanted any for myself. After meeting and marrying my husband I'm really starting to change my mind. Also one of my close friends just had a beautiful baby boy, and holding him just melts my heart!

The whole 9months and raising and being responsible for another human being scares the crap out of me! Maybe with time I'll reconcile that fear...

As I always say; it's the most natural unnatural thing. :)

on May 25, 2011  Nora said:

Ali you are such a beautiful lady!

on May 25, 2011  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

Thanks Guys! Yes, this is the fun part :) I've also noticed people are kinder to me. I get smiles from strangers and people move over for me on the sidewalk.

@Takoda, I'm totally nesting. That started right away actually. I told Alex we had to buy a house before baby arrives, which we did and I've been obsessively cleaning and organizing it from day one. I'm also really into mowing the lawn at the moment. Strange, I know.

@TammyK, I'm glad I get to experience this. I wasn't sure prior to getting pregnant if I ever wanted kids. I've always loved other people's children and been naturally drawn to them but I love working and career has always been a top priority. I honestly thought I'd be fine either way with or without but now that I'm expecting I wouldn't wish it any other way. I can't wait!

@mamaluv, I have had heartburn a few times and wow was that unpleasant! I'm hoping I won't have it again. I don't know what triggered it the times I've had it but it was so bad the first time it woke me up in the middle of the night.

on May 25, 2011  mamaluv  STAFF said:

I agree with your points, Ali! Feeling Baby move inside is a powerful experience - very organic and Mother Earthy and all that good stuff. My babies preferred to tuck their feet up under my ribs and pretty much left my bladder alone. In fact, I didn't really understand the need to pee constantly because I never suffered from that.

But before anyone hates me for saying that, let me assure you that Months 8 & 9 made up for it via continuous heartburn. That really sucked! I quickly became BFFs with Zantac because the Rolaids just couldn't keep up.

However, despite all the inconveniences, feeling poorly, and moodiness, I would absolutely do it all over again. Motherhood's an adventure we all would be blessed to take!

on May 25, 2011  TammyK  1,073 said:

I'm so happy for you! Thanks a lot for sharing this. I don't have kids yet but I do plan to so this article gives me a good insight of things to expect.

on May 25, 2011  takoda  28,648 said:

Ali your pictures and stories bring back so many memories, thanks for sharing with all of us.

Your story about the baby moving sounds just like my baby acted.

They'd be quiet pretty much all day long and kick and wiggle all night long.

Thinking back it makes me wonder if that was a sign because they sure
didn't like to sleep at night ounce we brought both of them home and
that's still the case eighteen years later. LOL

There's nothing like the first time you feel your baby move, I still remember the first time mine did.

I think feeling my babies move was the best part for me and I still miss that feeling all these years later.

These are times in your life that you'll never forget!

I'm sure by the time your little one decides to show up you'll have they're room and everything you need all set up.

You'll know when your baby is getting close to be born because you'll start doing what is called nesting.

You'll find your self going through everything placing and replacing it through out the babies room.

The one thing I didn't have in my babies room and I wished I did, was a rocking chair.

Any how I love reading all of your baby stories Ali and you look wonderful!! Hugs

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