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BBQs For Dad, Eating Lipstick, & More

Posted by ChickAdvisor Team | Friday May 27, 20112 comments

Happy Memorial Day weekend to our friends to the south. While we had our long-weekend fun last weekend, we're still going to try and fit 72 hours worth of cooking and eating, playing and errand running, and a billion other things, into just 48ish hours. We're starting off the weekend with a little myth busting, some gift ideas, and the urge to go on a road trip thanks to the Style Collective.

Ever heard that "fact" that you'll eat four pounds of lipstick in your lifetime? Beautygeeks breaks it down and does the math on just how much lipstick you'd have to wear a day for that to be true.

Heading out on a road trip this weekend? You'll need a perfect playlist to kick start car-aoke singalongs—check out the road trip song suggestions by Coco & Lowe.

Perhaps your roadtrip is taking you to a wedding? Anyway you get there, this is a lovely wedding present idea from Gifted—a new twist on that old idea of buying the bride and groom a bottle of wine to open on a designated anniversary. You could also inquire what they'll be serving at the wedding and make sure that's one of the selections you include.

If the top of your gift list is a "him" rather than a "them," you can't go wrong with one of these gift ideas for dads who love to get their grill on. From accessories to easy to set up BBQs, At Home with Kim Vallée has more ideas than you can shake a spatula at this Father's Day.

If part of your Father's Day deal was letting him take a weekend off from household chores, here's an easy one for you to do yourself: hook hangers for art. We like how easy it is to switch out art and other items (like jewellery, clothes, scarves, etc), The StyleHouse likes how they're just a bit impractical.

Summer is a chance to experiment with prints and colour, and I'm the It Girl has Tribal Fever. From colourful ikat prints to graphic bold blocks that look they've been inspired by Nigerian garb, there are so many ways to explore this summer dress trend.

Looking for a lovely summer salad to add to your rotation? Sweet Potato Chronicles lays out the ingredients for this Salmon Dinner Salad with a yogurt and dill dressing.

We saved this one for last, because we didn't know how to bring it up, and maybe neither do you? Unwanted facial hair is something you either anxiously maintain, or maybe need someone to tell you you've got (or maybe you have none? If so, please take your perfect self elsewhere and leave us to our kvetching). Beauty Editor lets you in on some golden rules and secrets to getting rid of the fuzz—even those odd long wiry hairs that seem to grow over night from your cheek that you swear weren't there the day before!?

Are you trying a new recipe this weekend? What about a new beauty item? Heading out of town?
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on May 29, 2011  TammyK  1,073 said:

I have always heard about how women will eat up to 4 pounds of lipstick in their life time but I have no idea how and didn't really believe it. This break down is very informative, thank you!

on May 27, 2011  jskim07  50 said:

I'm definitely going to read up on unwanted facial hair. I hate it so much! I have this weird fuzz around my upper lip that is SO apparent because of my light foundation.
I'm tired of tweezing, and waxing is starting to get super expensive! I think i might want to try epicare! (though it looks like it'll pinch my skin...)

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