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We Love Fridays: 10 Favourite Instagrammers To Follow Now

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday November 1, 20138 comments

Y'all know here at CA we have a penchant for selfies and #'ing it up, but those aren't the only reasons we joined the InstaNation. Besides being able to snap super fun shots and share them with you, we also love us some InstaCreepin'. Whether it's seeing what fellow chicks are up to or checking on our celeb street style crushes, scrolling through our feed is pretty much our favourite pastime. 

We have a couple current crushes on Instagram that we cannot get enough of and because we're newbies to the Instagram game, we wanted to share our loves and get some of your recommendations too! Here are our top 10 Instagrammers we think you need to follow (like right now) and be sure to leave us your favourite Instagrammers too! 

# 1 Beyonce 

See pics of Ms. Beyonce in all her glory doing crazy things like bungee jumping or catch a glimpse of Blue Ivy and the rest of her family. 

#2 Cara Delevingne 
Get an insider's view of a model's life and follow Cara D. She's a super cool 'it' girl and she's besties with Rihanna. 

#3 Lauren Conrad 

Lauren Conrad pretty much has the best taste ever. She finds the cutest, girliest items and adorable makeup and fashion finds. 

#4 Bon Appetit Magazine 

Follow BA for gratuitously gorgeous food porn shots. 

#5 Darcy the Flying Hedgehog 

Um, it's a hedgehog. SO YEAH, it's cute. LOOK AT IT'S SLEEPING FACE. Follow this adorable creature here.

#6 Garance Dore

Imagine the quintessential Parisian chic lady. You've just thought of Garance Dore. She's sweet, fun and ridiculously stylish. Follow for street style, fashion shows, gorgeous photos and more. 

#7 Lil' Bubz 
You gals know I love me some Bubz. I mean, with those eyes and that tongue? How can you not fall in love? Check out Bubz and add some cuteness to your feed
#8 Man Repeller 

Man Repeller is my go to for style inspiration. The way she pairs, mixes and matches pretty much blows my mind. 

#9 Zooey Deschanel 

Zooey's Instagram is just as sweet and quirky as you'd think it would be. She loves posting nail art, puppies and behind the scenes shots of New Girl.

#10 ChickAdvisor 

Alright, we're going to shamelessly tell you to follow us! We post candid shots from the office, new products, releases, events and just all the super cool things that happen at CA HQ. 
Are you on Instagram? Follow us and we can chat and see each other's pics - yay! 
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on March 09, 2016  Miss32  1,553 said:

Lové il !!!!

on June 03, 2015  Stephinto  1,076 said:

Very disappointed in your list. It was completely predictable, except @manrepeller (one of my personal faves) and @bonappetit It would be great if you did a series of Fashion Instagramers to follow, Canadian Instagrammers to follow, food instagrammers to follow.....

on November 04, 2013  takoda  28,648 said:

If you need a cell phone that less than ten years old to follow I won't be able to do this. My phone is from the stone ages. LOL

on November 03, 2013  Mah_kal  5,634 said:


on November 03, 2013  layalxo  2,543 said:

I don't use instagram but AW! That cat is ADORABLE!!

on November 02, 2013  elizabethstamant30  4,339 said:

The hedgehog and the cat are to cute

on November 01, 2013  fredamans  12,224 said:

Thanks, I follow you guys now :-)

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