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DIY Wedding Invites and Save the Date Cards

Posted by Alexandra C. | Wednesday June 13, 201213 comments

It's summer season ladies and therefore prime wedding season; which means that you may be receiving some invites in the mail any time now. On the flip side, you may be one of the chicks sending out invites and 'save the date' cards. 

The biggest wedding trend right now is to DIY it. Getting your hands a little dirty to create something beautiful and unique for your special day. 
One of the easiest ways to dip your toe into the DIY trend is to create your very own invites or 'save the dates'. This piece of paper may not seem all that imperative to your day but the invite can set the tone for the theme or atmosphere of your wedding. It drops a little hint of what's to be expected on the big day.

A while back we wrote about of the hottest themes in weddings: the 'rustic vintage' wedding. With that in mind, we decided to DIY a rustic, vintage inspired wedding invite. It's charming and quirky and gives new meaning to the expression, 'tying the knot'! You'll see what I mean later so keep reading chicks!

Here's what we used:

Cardstock paper, cut length wise for the card portion (as shown in photo above)
Hole Puncher
Twine, Ribbon or String

Here's how to make it happen:


Step 1: After decorating the cardstock to your liking, fold over and punch a hole in the middle on the side of the card. Then, fold the card in three. At this point, write your message on the inside of the card. 

Step 2, 3: Taking the twine, tie a knot in the middle of it. Feed the twine through each of the holes on each side so the knot is placed in the middle of the card. Pull the twine so that the knot is fairly tight. Tie off the ends of the twine on either side. Cut off any excess. 

Step 4: With each of the ends secured, pull the knot in the middle, making it wider and bigger. Fold over the card, tucking the knot in. 

Now, here's the invite in action! 

Cute, right?
The Final Product 

We played around with a few different styles for this invite, but then stuck with the rustic, simple elegance of natural fibers and colours. 

What do you think of this wedding invite? Are you a wedding DIYer?
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on June 14, 2012  Henrys  815 said:

This is cute for a save the date, but I think I would prefer an invite to be a little dressier.

on June 14, 2012  Summerwillow  781 said:

Brown paper and string...two of my favorite things.

on June 13, 2012  GoneBatty  3,196 said:

Love it!!

on June 13, 2012  bubbles77  28,042 said:

I Love this look, I am a country girl all the way, and this is rustic, yet elegant in it's simplicity. Great idea, looks pretty easy as a DIY project, I am not very creative, but when I see others ideas it gets my creative juices flowing. What a great money saver also, frugal but rustic, my two favorite things..I have a few girl friend who are getting married, I know one of them will love this idea..Thanks

on June 13, 2012  midnightsun2288  6,053 said:

The tying the knot thing is so cute!

on June 13, 2012  Bren  25,791 said:

I love the rustic homemade look I've gotten some pretty horrid wedding invitations that were professionally done and they looked so over the top.I have received some homemade rustic ones and always liked them way better.

on June 13, 2012  farouknabela  3,469 said:

In my honest opinion, I think wedding invitations need to be in the hands of a professional. I mean, its a huge day and you would want the best of everything. Why not go to a professional and get things done right the first time around?

on June 13, 2012  Aliza  13,970 said:

Very cute. I don't think I would do a rustic look for my invites. I prefer a cleaner look.

on June 13, 2012  Tiffmorris  1,792 said:

cute! Just not something I would go with for my wedding invites.

on June 13, 2012  Mandy  80 said:

I love this!

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