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Father's Day Gift Guide

| Sunday June 14, 2009 1 comment

Why are Fathers so hard to shop for? How Mom lucked out year after year with Body Shop gift baskets and opera CDs while Dear Old Dad bravely smiled his way past every tacky mug and Looney Tunes suspenders is anyone's guess. My Dad still has the box turtle paperweight I made in 2nd grade sitting on his desk, my shaky signature carved in the underside.

Say it with us-- awwwwww.

With your help we rounded up some nifty Father's Day gift ideas, if we do say so ourselves. Hey, he might actually get some use out of them this year.

The Couch Potato
Relaxation is the name of the game. Show him you've been paying attention to his subtle hints all this time with a Home Theater Projection system.  He'll need a heated Chips 'n Dip plate to go with that...

Projector, Amazon.com $665; Heated Chip & Dip Plate, Amazon.com $30

The Sports Fan
Tailgaters and lovers of kitch will go gaga for a Baseball portable grille.  Or, get him tickets to The Big Game (and save 10% off while you're at it with coupon code GRANDSLAM; it works for concert tix too!)

Baseball Charcoal Portable Grille, Amazon $50

The Boy Scout
Wears khakis too often? Maybe. Prepared? You betcha. An emergency weather radio is a must-have.

Emergency Weather Radio, Amazon $54

The Foodie
Ribs and beer, says MissMarilyn2012. Any questions?

BBQ Rib Rack, Amazon $20; Heineken Beer Tender, Amazon $200

The Metrosexual
HappyWifeHappyLife reminds us that dads like a day at the spa, too! Spring for an hour massage and follow up with a pedicure. Unlike that superfun Game Hunting Food Festival he dragged the fam to years ago, we're thinking this is one outing where you'd be happy to participate.

Tim "the Toolman"
Spotty knows the latest and greatest in tools is always a safe bet, but some workshop dwellers already have all the gizmos they need. To Mom's chagrin, they don't necessarily clean up afterward. Get him on her good side with a workshop Roomba.

iRobot Dirt Dog, Amazon $159

The Family Man
Help Daddy display the family pics with pride. BubblyBunny suggests you load up a digital picture frame with his favorite photos, including old ones for those nostalgic moments.  Or, take the old standby paperweight to the next level with a photo cube. Cute and practical!

15-inch digital photo frame, Amazon $200; 3-Picture Cube Frame, Amazon $20

Still stuck? Focus on his hobbies and the offhand comments he's made recently, reminds Nessie. Showing him you're paying attention is a huge compliment.

The very best gift? Dad wants to spend time with you, says MissChickie. No gift required, though a homemade picnic in the park is a pretty good start. One-on-one time is a rare commodity; spend it on him.

Do you have a never-fail gift idea for Dad?

by Claire Rahn
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on June 15, 2009  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

Great ideas, everyone! Now I need to get cracking myself!

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