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New Product Review Club Offer: CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish

Posted by Caitlin | Monday March 21, 201667 comments

Everyone who knows me knows that I have a mild (or not so mild) obsession with nail polish. I love being able to add colour and sparkle to my life at the tips of my fingers. The possibilities are endless and it just makes me happy! So, when I found out that we would be offering Chicks the chance to try CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish I did a little happy dance. 

As a matter of fact, CND VINYLUX Weekly Nail Polish has a very special place in my nail-polish loving heart.

I was first introduced to the CND™ VINYLUX Weekly Manicure system by my boyfriend's mom early on in our relationship. A few weeks after we started dating, I met with my boyfriend's parents for dinner and his mom handed me a little gift bag. I opened the bag and found a beautiful light pink bottle of CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish and a black bottle of CND Weekly Top Coat. The nail polish colour she had chosen for me was Cake Pop and, at that moment, I knew I had found my future mother-in-law! She already knew that I loved nail polish and, on her previous visit to the salon, her manicurist explained that CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish was the best on the market so she thought it would be the perfect gift for me. It absolutely was! 

Here are a few reasons why I love CND VINYLUX Weekly Polish:
  • 7 day, chip-resistant wear in the form of regular nail polish (easy to apply and remove!)
  • Fast-drying, 2-step application
  • Brilliant shine that really lasts
  • Available in over 100+ runway inspired shades
  • Increased durability with natural light (no need for a lamp!)
  • No nasty ingredients: free of toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, phthalates (DBP), formaldehyde resin, xylene, or lead
We are looking for 200 Canadian women* from our Product Review Club to try CND™ VINYLUX Weekly Polish for FREE.

If you are interested (and why wouldn't you be?!), please take a moment to complete our short selection survey no later than April 3, 2016.

If you are selected, you will be notified via email the week of April 3rd. 

Help boost your chances of being selected and spread the word on social media! Be sure to include #TryVINYLUXWeekly when you post on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram.

Good luck Chicks! 

*Members who received the duo of CND™ VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish colour and top coat in 2015 will not be eligible for this opportunity but be sure to check your email for an exclusive Review to Win opportunity! If you believe you received the duo in 2015 but did not receive the email, please email [email protected].

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on March 29, 2016  RebelGrl78  3,551 said:

would love to try this nail care product #TryVINYLUXWeekly

on March 29, 2016  pascale said:

Bonjour j'aimerais essayer vos vernis à ongles j'adore ça. J'aime essayé différentes vernis les nouveauté les couleurs .merci

on March 29, 2016  Caro9  23,703 said:

Je vais laisser ma chance car je n'utilise aucun vernis pour mes ongles, seulement des produits de soin.

on March 28, 2016  MsBeautifulSam  2,733 said:

I am very huge nail polish fan! I am constantly trying new products and this seems like an amazing product product testing opportunity! Goodluck! #TryVINYLWeekly

on March 28, 2016  KPimmett  833 said:

Would love to try this polish out, mines always chipping on me.

on March 28, 2016  ashleywoo  3,381 said:

I would love to review this product!! I love wearing nail polishes, I am constantly changing my nail color every week!

on March 28, 2016  Melanie H  8,022 said:

I would LOVE to try this polish out. My nail polish chips on me like crazy so this would be amazing for me. I'm also a nail polish junkie :) #TryVINYLUXWeekly #chickadvisor #ProductReviewClub

on March 28, 2016  Dana30  34,969 said:

I would love to try your produces #TryVINYLUXWeekly, need a new nail polish.

on March 28, 2016  Monique J  158 said:

Bonjour J'aimerais essayer votre vernis a ongle s'il tient vraiment ce serait un produit a adopter. j'ai beaucoup de difficulté a faire tenir un vernis sur mes ongle plus d'une journée.Ce serait vraiment une très belle opportunité.

on March 26, 2016  Thip said:

Love to try your product #TryVINYLUXWeekly

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