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Postcard from San Francisco

Posted by Ali | Thursday May 31, 201217 comments

If you've never been to S.F before it's a good idea to do some research before you travel. Like any big city, the tourist experience is quite different from the local life.  The cool neighbourhoods and independent cafes and shops likely aren't walkable from your hotel.  They're tucked away in more remote parts so unless you know where you're going you won't find them. Still, 'touristy' stuff can be a lot of fun too!

The Sites
Day one we boarded a double decker bus to see all of the main attractions.  I have to say riding over the Golden Gate bridge on the top was really fun - despite a temperature and wind chill like January in Winnipeg. 

1. Downtown San Francisco, 2. Pretty tree in a park, 3. Golden Gate bridge, 4. City Hall, 5. Getting my face blasted on the roof of the double decker over the Golden Gate, 6. The famous trolley, 7. On the tour bus with Alex, 8. The Painted Ladies

Speaking of wind chill, a jacket is necessary regardless of time of year.  San Francisco has it's own micro-climate, which is mostly breezy chilly and a bit gray.  It's like this magical city shrouded in fog and wind.  You really notice the difference when you drive away from it inland where it's warm year round.  Though I brought a leather jacket and plenty of sweaters, I ended up buying this green one from Zara (pictured below) for wind protection.  You like?

I also bought some scarves.  And a bag.  I couldn't help myself. Macy's was having a 25% off sale and I needed this bag from Michael Kors.  Of course I had to take a photo to decide which one to buy.  Forgive my hair?   

It's not hard to find good food here.  We were limited to restaurants within walking distance of our hotel but never had a bad meal.  Our favourite spot was Oola. Their ribs are juicy, fall off the bone perfection.

Beautiful people
People are remarkably friendly here.  Friendly and well dressed, which in my book equals good-looking.  As we walked around we'd hear someone giggling behind us and realize they were waving at our baby who was both hands waving back.  Adorable! 

I spotted this gorgeous couple downtown and couldn't help myself taking their picture unawares.  Then, to top it off they went in for a kiss.  Do you love this as much as I do?

We stayed at the Intercontinental (SoMa). The service was impeccable and the rooms spacious.  We couldn't have asked for anything better.

The next time I visit, I hope to experience the city like a local.  Have you been?  Have any tips?
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on June 04, 2012  GoneBatty  3,196 said:

San Fran is a dream trip for me, thanks for posting some helpful things for planning that trip in the future

on June 04, 2012  fredamans  12,209 said:

Looks lovely!

on June 04, 2012  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

@Tweetie, I would LOVE your recommendations. I may be back there for another visit in the fall. TBD. I also heard about the other location. Apparently there is a rooftop lounge with amazing views.

on June 03, 2012  tweetie  5,559 said:

I love SF... I try to go there once a year since it's one of my favorites! Would totally live there if I could. Let me know if you need some restaurant recommendations next time you're there. (Love intercontinental chain by the way - great choice! You should consider the one up on the hill if you go there again).

on June 02, 2012  annmarie  4,261 said:

Thanks for sharing your SF trip with us!

on June 01, 2012  shuey  2,784 said:

San Fran looks amazing. Thanks for sharing your trip with us Ali. PS love the jacket

on June 01, 2012  Aliza  13,966 said:

I just went to San Francisco for 2 weeks in December/January. I LOVED it! I was lucky enough to experience a little bit of everything as I had family there. So much fun! Can't wait until I go back!

on June 01, 2012  takoda  28,648 said:

I've never bin, but it sure sounds like you had a great time. It's always nice to get away from it all, but it's always nice to walk back into your own home after a fun trip too. Welcome home Ali.

on May 31, 2012  farouknabela  3,469 said:

I want to go there now! Haha. But seriously Ali, this place look gorgeous!

on May 31, 2012  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

@KatelynRose1984 - I'm secretly hoping she is. ;)

@beachbabe - yes actually all of that was happening while we were there last weekend. We just leaving so didn't take part in any of it. Pretty cool though! It really is a magnificent bridge.

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