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Lessons from a Cancelled Flight: Fashion and Beauty for Airplanes

Posted by Alexandra | Friday July 5, 20138 comments

I recently had a mini vacay and took a few days to jet off to NYC. It was not only my first time in NYC, but also my first time ever having a cancelled flight! Joy! I prefer to stay positive though, and heck, it wasn't all that bad. I had a magazine, a friend, some snacks and a few hours to kill. It could have been a lot worse. 

Sure, it wasn't the easy going, smooth end to a vacation that I had dreamed of, but not everything can be all rainbows and butterflies, right? Plus, I actually ended up learning a lot about beauty and fashion for travel.  

I have something to tell you gals: I'm kind of a travel whiz now. I've pretty much perfected the art of travel clothing. Let me pass down some words of wisdom: 

Lesson #1: Comfort & Cuteness 

I bought a pair of what might just be the perfect lounge pant when I was in New York. They're a lightweight, loose, drawstring printed pant that fits magically. I can scrunch them up to be 3/4 length or leave them down. I love the print, which makes it less sweat and more sweet. You'll have enough stretch to move around but you won't look sloppy. 

Try: 2, 3: Uniqlo Print Leggings Trousers (UK$7.90, on sale)

4: Forever 21 Lounge Sweatpants (C$18.80)

Lesson #2: Practicality Is In The Pockets 

I actually bought this exact bag on my trip and I LOVE it. It's a wallet/purse combo and it has all these pockets for change, keys, makeup and cards. It's the perfect size and I carry around all my essentials in it for easy transport that feels secure. 

Try: 9: Co-Lab Kennley Mini Cross Body (US$49.00)

Lesson #3: Tanks and Tees, Carry The Cardi 

I prefer to stick with a dark coloured tank or tee for travel. I tend to sweat/spill etc. and a dark colour is the best way to avoid noticeable stains. Always wear a tank or tee and carry an optional cardigan or sweater with you for layering. You'll thank me when your body goes through a million temperatures in the span of 2 hours. 

Try: 8: Old Navy Vintage-Style V-Neck Tees (C$5.00, on sale)
6: Old Navy Jersey Tamis (C$5.99, on sale) 

7: Forever 21 Ombré Lounge Pullover (C$24.80)

Lesson #4: No Heels 

I don't care how comfy you say they are. Stay with a pair of sneakers, optimal for running to make a connection. Or flats which you can slip off for a more comfy position when you're trying to catch some sleep on the chairs. 

Try: 1: Converse Baruth (C$55.00)
5: Michael Kors Dattilo (C$ 158.00)

Lesson #5: Your Skin is Going to be DRY

When you want really parched skin, just sit in a place on the tarmac for a few hours. That'll dry it right up! During your flight, or if you're as lucky as me and you spend a few hours in the airport, pack a small travel size heavy cream like 6: Nivea Soft Moisturizing Cream (C$8.97). When you get to the hotel, try an intensive moisturizing mask like 8: No.7 Hydration Mask (US$16.99)

Also Try: 1: Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Hydra-Moist Super Fruit 2 Phase Balancing Infusion (C$18.00)

5: Nivea Lip Butter (US$3.99)

Lesson #6: But Also, It Will Be Oily 

When your skin gets too dry, it will overproduce oil. Therefore, your skin will get oily and dry at the same time. Not good. 

Try: 4: Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets (C$6.37)

Lesson #7: Tired Body = Tired Skin 

To perk yourself up, try a little concealer underneath your eyes and to cover any blemishes. Instead of a foundation which can further dry out your skin, use a BB or CC cream for a bit of light coverage and hydration. Add some lip colour to look well put together. 

Try: 2: Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer (UK$7.49)

3: Smashbox Camera Ready CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Dark Spot Correcting (C$50.00)

7: CoverGirl Lipslicks Smoochies Lip Balm (C$5.99)

What lessons have you learned from travelling?
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on May 05, 2015  mepark  20,519 said:

I completely agree with you tip on heels! They were meant for the runway and not the airport!

on July 11, 2013  nicolerae  411 said:

I use the Elizabeth Grant 2 Phase Balancing Infusion almost every morning now, definitely need it with all the humid and dry days we've been having in the summer. I'll remember the other tips for when I'm planning my next vacation!

on July 10, 2013  MsBeautifulSam  2,733 said:

Wow! Thank you for this! I am not travelling any time soon but I will be in like 10 months. So these are some great tips for when I am about to travel. Thank you, thank you!!!

on July 10, 2013  lovelydays  3,649 said:

So many good product recommendations! Also, that ombre pullover is so cute!

on July 06, 2013  midnightsun2288  6,053 said:

I also travel a LOT! I think most of the necessities have been mentioned. I think one of the most important things you mentioned is a small purse where you can know exactly where everything important is. and like LissaG said, Visine is also a must for me because I get super dry eyes, and mini deodorant and lotions are also handy. For most flights my stomach gets really upset so I usually bring something like Tums. A tip I have is to bring noise cancelling headphones. Especially if you have the over-the-ear ones instead of the earbuds you put in your ear (because those get painful after a long time of listening). Another life-saver is one of those portable battery or solar phone chargers so you can still listen to music or play games on the plane without worrying about killing your battery. Also handy is a refillable water bottle, you have to make sure it's empty before you go through security but you can refill it after you get through. Buying water in an airport is highway robbery, I once bought one that costed $6! Along the same lines--it's best to make sure you bring lots of gum because,again, it's more expensive in the airport, plus it can help when your ears start to pop from the altitude.

on July 06, 2013  takoda  28,648 said:

Great tips to pass on, thanks.

on July 05, 2013  Bren  25,851 said:

Great tips!My skin gets so dry so I used to bring a hydrating spray that I got from Yves Rocher it was really refreshing..

Breath mints,ginger gravol for an upset stomach,a good lip balm,deodorant.

My first flight to England my ears hurt terribly on the takeoffs and landings and they have never been the same. So I always wear ear-planes( there called) on take-offs and landings.You just fit them into your ears and they really work!

on July 05, 2013  LissaG  6,010 said:

Great tips! I'm also a frequent traveler, so I know the turmoil of cancellations and delays. My outfit usually depends where I'm going (hot or cold climate), and how long the flight is of course (a few hours to Vegas is a much different story than 15 to Australia!). It kills me when I see women decked to the 9s in their 6inch heels and tight pants boarding an 8 hour flight. Like, you cray!
I swear by those oil-absorbing sheets, they're a lifesaver. Other things I bring are:
1) Tiny eyelash curler; it's more portable and practical than bringing mascara, especially if you sleep on planes...sleeping in mascara is never good.
2) Mini deodorant and sample size of a subtle perfume (don't want to be the smelly girl, but also don't want to be bothering the person next to me with an overwhelming floral scent...I usually bring SJP Lovely)
3) Visine. I get terribly dry eyes while travelling, and that makes them embarrassingly red. So to avoid looking like a sleep-deprived pot head, I always carry a mini Visine.
4) Book / IPod / Magazine / Crossword etc. Especially if you're traveling alone, having something to do while on the plane or while waiting is essential, even if your plane has individual entertainment systems. One time I was stuck on the tarmac at the airport (which is slow agonizing torture) for 3 hours, and they shut off the entertainment systems on the back of our headrests. The woman next to me didn't bring a book and was so grateful that I brought two!

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