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Recommended: Tula Hot Yoga

Posted by Ali | Wednesday May 7, 2008 Leave a comment

Yes our "blog this" badges are little broken right now...

My first experience with hot yoga was really positive and I decided it was something I should try to do on a regular basis. I needed a more convenient location so I did a little surfing and found Tula Hot Yoga on Duncan street.

The first class I attended was a 1 hour session at 8am. The most challenging part of that class was getting there at that ridiculous hour. Though it is a 15 min walk, my lazy ass took a cab. The session was nice, but I wasn't sore afterwards at all. I expect to hurt after a 1 hour workout. For at least 24 hours. I felt nothing. Though I didn't get my ass kicked as I'd hoped, I did get a decent sweat on, which I anticipated would be good for my skin general health.

Tula has this great deal where your second class is free so I decided to give it another go. I showed up yesterday for a 75 minute slot at 10am, a much more humane hour. I made the mistake of eating a couple of toaster waffles prior to the class, but the 15 min walk helped a little with the digestion. Ladies, don't be a dummy and eat before a workout. You will be burping and revisiting it. It is hard to contain a fart in downward dog. Just sayin'.

Thankfully, this class was killer. I sweat ferociously. I could hear it plopping on my yoga mat. I was completely drenched. I looked around to see if I was the only one dripping that badly and I was, but others looked like they were having a tough time of it too. I then proceeded to knock over my Sigg bottle and had to use my towel to mop up the floor. Still I soldiered on, sweating additionally from the embarrassment. This of course pleased me as I thought of how my skin would glow. The class was quite challenging and we spent a lot of time in positions with our heads upside down, which hurt my brain after awhile, but I feel like I got an excellent workout.

Today, 24 hours later, I am nice and sore. The problem areas on the back of my thighs are in agony. I am so pleased. My husband commented unprompted that my skin looks really nice. Based on that alone I will be going back.

Oh, the things we do for beauty health.

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