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Statement Earrings Pose-Off: Guess to Win

Posted by Ali | Wednesday January 19, 201182 comments

I've wanted to do this pose-off for a long time because I found these really cool green gem earrings on sale for $20 that I wore to Fashion Week and got a lot of compliments on.  Unfortunately, I brought them on a recent trip and one of the gems fell out.  I guess that's why they were so cheap!  Long story short, today I was forced to wear another pair of ginormous earrings that I'm not nearly as excited about but hopefully you can forgive me.

Before I showcase my enormous earrings (and you guess where they're from to win a prize)... behold our resident model, Alexandra:
Statement earrings pose off
She really is a model. I'm not just saying that.  Could her colourful baubles be any more exciting?  Here they are from the side:
statement earrings pose off
I saw them and I wanted them.  I think you'll be surprised to learn she got them from China Town!

As promised, here are my large angel wing type earrings.  You will only get the side view because the photos just weren't happening today, probably on account of my bun. I only look good in buns from the side. I know this yet I keep wearing them.
Statement earrings pose off
But I digress.  To win this guessing game, guess which country I got these from.  Hint: It was a trip I've taken within the last 12 months and I wrote about it.
statement earrings pose off
Lauren, Queen of Natural Looking Extensions is wearing a stunning purple pair that looks great with her hair and black top.  Want another look?
statement earings pose off
Cathy's chandelier earrings add additional sophistication to her outfit...
We're loving the intricate little details.

And remember Oendrila's shopping resolution that lasted about 5 seconds?
Wasn't it worth it?  Her demure flower studs add sparkle to her classic black cowl neck.
Good call, Oendrila.  Very good call indeed.

So now it's your turn!  We await your guesses, because someone's correct call will earn them a beauty prize.

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on January 26, 2011  mamaluv  STAFF said:

UPDATE: This contest is now closed.

The correct answer to this week's guessing game is Argentina!

Ali had quite the adventure there. She and the mister spent their first day sampling the local cuisine, followed by the shopping trip that resulted in those killer earrings. Later, she came across a ballsy feminine hygiene ad (which is so funny we can hardly be offended). A sightseeing day in Cordoba and lastly a few musings on "Lessons Learned" rounded out her travel diary. Fun reads!

Congratulations to all you correct guessers, but extra special congrats go out to Nik05, who is the winner of a beeyootiful prize! Nik05, we'll be in touch soon by email for your mailing information.

Stay tuned for another fun pose off guessing game coming soon!

on January 26, 2011  Oendrila  997 said:

Hi Ladies!

Yes - I DID pick mine up from Bittersweet, but unfortunately it was part of the last collection. On my quest to find similar studs, I went to my trusted accessory haven...Forever 21.
I found a doppelganger pair on Forever21.com for a jaw dropping $1.50 US (!!!!)

The fabulous studs are aptly named, 'Sparkle Flower Earings' and can be purchased online (YAY!)

on January 26, 2011  nanng  386 said:

And never mind the bun. You look smashing at any angle!! Besides everyone will be looking at your ears to see the next glam you sport!

on January 26, 2011  nanng  386 said:

I am gonna say Canada. We have truely rockin' bling and those earrings look to be about the style we had last year. Do like em tho! oh, Alexandra isnt a country but it is in Egypt.

on January 24, 2011  MotherAnne said:

My guess is Mexico!

on January 24, 2011  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

Some of these guesses are really funny! So many places I've never been but would like to one day... ;) And a few of you have guessed Alexandra. I agree her earrings are my favourites too but she is not a country I have ever visited ;)

on January 24, 2011  dolce_bellissima  4,214 said:

@ali, I think a field trip is just what we need ;)!

on January 24, 2011  luv2shop  3,743 said:

My guess is Canada

on January 24, 2011  lucyd said:

I my guess is India.

on January 24, 2011  jmca  9,174 said:


my previous guess was Montreal, Canada!

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