Style Spotting: Greta Constantine Spring 2009

Monday October 20, 2008

Our Style Hunter, Marayna Dickinson was at the Greta Constantine Spring/Summer 2007show and snapped some shots from the runway.  It appears buns and maxi dresses prevail. Are you ready for this?

Women 5"5 and over look elegant in a long flowing Maxi dress but
shorties would be wise to opt for a cut above the knee instead.

Jewel tones are still a big hit and the dress isn't going away any time
A simple wrap dress in a bold colour is sophisticated and chic.

So that's it, Ladies and Gents.  Flowing dresses, jewel tones, buns and sculpted nearly naked men will be all the rage for Spring/Summer 2009.  Then again, when are nearly naked muscular men ever not in style?

What do you think of the bun? 

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