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We Love Foodie Fridays: Favourite New and Old Snacking Foods To Try

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday May 11, 201228 comments

I was always a snacker, due to the fact that apparently, I was born with a bottomless pit for a stomach. Lately though, due to a burst in my healthy eating habits, I've been snacking up a storm. I tend to eat a lot of smaller meals throughout the day as opposed to two or three larger meals that I used to eat. Because of this, I've been scouring the groceries stores looking for new options to munch on. 

I've come across a few products recently and the best news is, they're all relatively healthy! I say relatively because, who are we kidding are, really? In any case, they're all delicious and regulars in my pantry/fridge. The perfect options to tide me over between lunch and...second lunch! 

1. President's Choice Greek Yogurt Smoothie in Honey (C$4.99/6 bars): I recently mentioned how obsessed I am with Greek yogurt. I love the fact that it's packed with protein to give me energy. Then, I discovered these frozen Greek yogurt bars and everything changed. These are so delicious and the perfect ice cream substitute. They contain 5 grams of protein per bar, are 100 calories and are probiotic. 

2. MiO Liquid Water Enhancer (US$11.38/4 bottles) is a nifty pocket sized product that makes taking down those 8 cups of water easy. All you do is pour one or two quick drops into your beverage of choice to flavour. I love that you can use this product in any juice as well. I'm waiting to try out the mango peach with an icedtea! 

3. Babybel Cheeses (US$7.49/ 21 oz) are anything new food world but they are new to me. I needed a snack with a good source of protein, that was filling, low cal and portable for when I'm on the go. Babybels completely fit the bill. Plus, when you eat one, afterwards you get to play with the wax casing and make little animals out of it. Which is awesome. 
4. When Cinnamon Corn Pops (C$2.97) were released not too long a go, I was skeptical about the combination of corn pop and cinnamon. However, after taste testing them out, I am convinced whoever invented these is a genius. The flavours mixed together make for a sweet cereal. Only not in a Lucky Charms type of way. I like to think that they're kind of like corn pop's older brother. 

5. Special K Cracker Chips (C$2.99) are my go-to snack when I'm craving something salty and crunchy. I'm trying to steer clear of chips so I like to think of these as my substitute. They're only 80 calories per 18 chips and they come in three flavours: original, sour cream and onion and cheddar. So far my favourite is original but I think I'll have to do a little more testing to really be sure. It's such a hard life...

Do you guys have any food faves this month or season?
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on March 29, 2016  Caro9  23,703 said:

J'aime bien les crackers de Spécial K. Cela nous déculpabilise de manger devant la TV.

on March 09, 2016  Miss32  1,553 said:

Babybel is soft and good to taste!

on May 23, 2012  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

I'm super excited to try the Special K Cracker Chips! They look delicious.

on May 17, 2012  spoony  10,944 said:

I soo want to try the Greek yogurt bars and the Special K crackers/chips are great! I wasn't so into them the first time I tried them, but they really grew on me.

on May 14, 2012  newfiechic  5,322 said:

I love the PC Greek Yogurt bars and I have one each afternoon. My favourite is Mango. I wish there were more flavours though.

Discovered MiO a few weeks ago and I love it. I think it tastes better than the flavoured water enhancers. I can't wait until we see more flavours in Canada. I'd love to try the energy flavours.

I just finished off a box of Special K Cracker Chips, Cheddar flavoured. I've tasted them all and my favourite is Sour Cream and Onion. The whole family loves them. 18 chips for 80 calories is pretty sweet!

on May 14, 2012  chinook92  3,675 said:

I just purchased a box of Special K cracker chips and now...I have to purchase a new box. They were so good! I ate the whole box. I highly recommend these. I`ve seen the MIO water enhancers but I actually thought they were some type of energy suppliment. I`m glad that you did a review on them and I am going to pick one up the next time I`m at the store. Thanks.

on May 14, 2012  fredamans  12,237 said:

Baybel was a childhood fave of mine.

on May 14, 2012  Charmheart16  3,985 said:

Love the mini Babybel cheese. This has been a staple snack food of mine ever since I was little. My mom always used to pack me those as a snack in elementary school. The wax coating was half the fun of eating them. - it`s food you can both eat and play with.

The MiO Liquid Enhancer looks interesting but I haven`t really seen those around but If I do find one, I`ll give it a try. I love savory snacks but I always feel guilty opening a bag of chips so those Special K Cracker chips are definitely a healthier alternative. Will look for those the next time I`m grocery shopping.

on May 14, 2012  bdeyell86  2,033 said:

All of that looks so good! Love the MiO Water Enhancers, they are so good!

on May 14, 2012  shagtownlady  9,255 said:

Those yogurt bars look GOOD! And I've been wondering about the Special K cracker chips, maybe I'll have to do a few taste test rounds myself!

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