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New Product Review Club Offer: Tampax® and Always® Radiant™ Collection

Posted by Claire | Monday May 14, 201237 comments

Let’s think back to that day when we got our period for the very first time.  If your experience was anything like mine, it came with a little nervous excitement, a big scary mess, and a mother who proudly proclaimed to her peeps that her little girl had finally become a woman (I was a late bloomer). 

Up to that point, the extent of my knowledge of this miracle of menstruation came from Grade 5 Health class, the book “Are You There, God? It’s Me, Margaret”, and the Body (Female) section of the World Book Encyclopedia.

It’s a big adjustment at a time when girls are busy trying to master the basics of eyeliner application, chase boys, and learn algebra (not necessarily in that order).  Now I also had to worry about feminine hygiene and if that would put a cramp in my rapidly evolving sense of personal style—not an easy task at the time.  So when my friends and I first learned that the Always®  pads now came with wings, it was a huge moment.

After that, the Always people just kept on coming up with great ideas and today we’re here to tell you about the latest! The new Tampax® and Always® Radiant™ Collection features the best technology from Always and Tampax paired with a fresh new design.  What’s all the noise about?

- Tampax Radiant Tampons feature Leakguard™ technology and a new CleanGrip™ applicator for comfortable insertion, plus a brand new re-sealable tampon wrapper for discreet disposal
- Always Radiant Infinity Pads contain Infinicel™, a seamlessly thin material that is 60% more absorbent and more flexible* than another pad you may have tried.
- Always Radiant Thin Liners offer their thinnest and most flexible protection yet, so you can use the whole Radiant Collection all week long to keep your period out of sight and far from mind.

This collection hits store shelves across Canada this month, but we want you to be among the first to try these products gratis thanks to our friends at Procter & Gamble.  We’re giving 200 of our Canadian Product Review Club members an opportunity to test the new Tampax Radiant tampons, Always Radiant Infinity Pads and Always Radiant Incredibly Thin Liners!

Want in?  Just mosey on over and fill out this short survey to get started.  Selected participants will be notified by email during the week of May 28, 2012.  Good luck!

What is the Product Review Club? It’s ChickAdvisor’s hugely popular testing panel!  We periodically recruit members to try exciting products from our brand partners and post their honest feedback about their experience. In order to join, you must fill out a short survey to help us match the right products with the right candidates. Not all applicants will qualify.  ChickAdvisor is the sole decision maker for who is selected based on eligibility requirements, and reserves the right to disqualify any participant for any reason.  For more information, eligibility requirements, and how to sign up, click here.  Need a few more pointers? Check out this helpful FAQ to boost your chances of qualifying to take part in a testing panel.

*Always® Infinity Regular with Wings absorbs up to 60% more than Kotex Regular Ultra Thin with Wings

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on July 12, 2013  ShannonJohnson1980  303 said:

This is a regular product in our house, my girls love them

on January 19, 2013  Nikita716  188 said:

Just bought the new always radiant pads tonight. I absolutely love them, they are so thin you can barely even feel them. I think they feel more natural, like panties. Oh and they smell amazing too!!! Definitely my new fave pad!

on May 28, 2012  mamaluv  STAFF said:

UPDATE: The application period for this offer has now closed. Selected reviewers will be chosen and notified this week by email, so be sure to check your inbox and ensure @chickadvisor.com is on your email's safe list (double check your spam folder just to be safe). Only successful reviewers will be emailed.

on May 26, 2012  jlgoneboatin  2,303 said:

Im really hoping to get in on this one!!!

on May 23, 2012  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

Sweet! I love tampons, haha.

on May 22, 2012  staceb  1,174 said:

Sounds like great products to try.

on May 17, 2012  spikedpikes  1,040 said:

Good luck everyone! Hope I'm one of the lucky 200!! :o)

on May 17, 2012  ronnieb  538 said:

New Tampons!!! Woohoo would love to give them a whurl. They sound awesome.

Thanks Chick Advisor.

on May 16, 2012  LyrissaSmillie  9,449 said:

ooh how exciting!!

on May 16, 2012  carschick  1,928 said:

I would love to review this product! Hope i get picked!

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