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We Love Fridays: The Naked 2 Palette

Posted by Alexandra C. | Friday February 24, 201218 comments

I was in an especially good mood the other day and that's when the cravings hit. Not the type of craving you get for fast food burgers or chips (which I do get, way too often) but a shopping craving. All of a sudden, I had money burning a hole in my skinny jeans. I decided to take all that energy to the computer and with my credit card safely tucked away elsewhere, I did some online browsing. 

One of the items, I've been especially ogling lately is the Naked 2 Palette by Urban Decay (C$60.00). I never jumped on the Naked palette train when the first one came out but since checking out pictures, I'm definitely reconsidering!

Urban Decay eyeshadows are one of my favourites for pigmentation and staying power so this collection of colours that blend together so well is definitely a must-have! One of the best things about the palette is how multi-skin tone friendly it is; there's something for any and everyone. 

It is a pricier makeup product which makes it's purchase harder to justify buying; but here's a little trick I picked up one summer as a teen: count $1 per use, so if you use this palette 60 times or more, then it is an amazing buy! Yup- I'm sold!

Have you tried the Naked 1 or Naked 2 palette yet chicks, what are your thoughts? 
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on March 08, 2012  LadyChick234234  3,701 said:


on March 01, 2012  catty81  1,022 said:

My new fav is Naked. I am all of a sudden hooked on it. Amazing palette.

on February 28, 2012  Becky  13,128 said:

ladies who own the first Naked Palette: Try the colour SIN as a cheek highlighter ... isn't it amazing? I gave up on finding a proper highlighter and tried SIN - it was perfect! What do you think?

on February 27, 2012  staceb  1,174 said:

Now these are my type of colors!

on February 27, 2012  petitechouxx  2,859 said:

I have the naked palette 1, and i need to save for the 2 x_x

on February 26, 2012  Judy37  2,658 said:

I have Naked 1 and have been excited about #2 and want to get it. But I don't know if most of the colors are too similar to justify buying #2. I do like the packaging on 2 better. I know Naked 1 doesn't have the matte black.

on February 24, 2012  LadyFlash  8,899 said:

Would definitely love this palette in my collection. Gorgeous tones for most skin colours..

on February 24, 2012  amanda_orly  553 said:

I never bought the first edition since I felt like the colours would be too warm for my skin. Really glad I waited for them to come out with this. Haven't had it for that long but the pigmentation is nice and I like how many colours you get for the price. If I went away somewhere, these is the only eyeshadow thing I would take. The colours are right up my alley. Oh and the matte black is really nice too. The brush that comes with it kind of sucks but it's an extra so whatever.
The packaging is a lot better than the first Naked too, imo. Love the huge mirror.

on February 24, 2012  Kagoory  1,784 said:

Time to save up for this!

on February 24, 2012  Bren  25,821 said:

I really love the colors in this palette!

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