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Would You Wear: Uggs On Your Wedding Day?

Posted by Alexandra C. | Thursday June 14, 201244 comments

Love 'em or hate 'em, I think we can all agree that Uggs, at the very least, are a comfortable pair of shoes. While we all may not enjoy the look of them, they do make for a cozy slip-on. But would you ever wear them to a wedding, more specifically, your wedding? 

Most likely, you're reading this now with quite the quizzical look on your face: "Um, excuse me, did you just say, wedding?". Well, yes I did because that's exactly what the Ugg company wants you to do. They have created a bridal collection full of furs, sparkles and sequins for your special day! 

Ugg Bailey Bling I Do! (US$225.00) 

Ugg Fluff Flip Flop I Do! (US$80) 

Ugg Sparkles I Do! (US$190.00)

Now, I'm not sure if these are geared more towards the actual ceremony or as an alternative, comfier option for the reception but either way, I have to say I am not a fan. I am all for comfort but a wedding day is a formal occasion and I think we can all do a little better. 

What do you think? Would you ever wear something like this?
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on September 11, 2015  Kylee  40,914 said:

I don't even wear Uggs in the first place.. I think they are ugly boots in my opinion, I have never liked them. So to answer the question no I would not wear them on my wedding day or ever.

on July 16, 2015  Butterfly88  498 said:

I love Uggs to just put on and run out to the store but there is no way I would wear these to my wedding they are just not appropriate.

on November 26, 2014  glumbumble  10,038 said:

The flip flops are actually kind of cute, but the true ugg style is just plain ugly. For winter weddings that are much better options for footwear.

on February 02, 2013  krissyB  214 said:

Would I wear them? yay!
To my wedding ? nay!

on February 02, 2013  angelaj20  81,725 said:

I would never ever wear Uggs for a wedding, or any day at all. However, your wedding is your wedding, you can wear what ever you want...there shouldn't be rules. So if there are brides out there that want to wear these...enjoy!

on February 02, 2013  xHumbleebee  359 said:

UGGs are cute to wear on a windy, or snowy day, but on my wedding day?! That is not appropriate to wear and I would ruin my own day if I wore it! LOL.

on August 08, 2012  EdenLovee  407 said:

Ug.... fashion disaster , I would never not even in winter!

on August 08, 2012  sue said:

I think I'm going to be sick.....

on July 04, 2012  SeeWan  2,163 said:

No way would I wear Uggs on my wedding day. LOL.... I would wear cute 3 inch heals all the way. These Uggs are not classy or sexy for a wedding day foot wear apparel.

on July 04, 2012  katieg  10,672 said:

Absolutley Not.

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