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Your Traveling Beauty Routine

Posted by Alexandra C. | Tuesday June 26, 201219 comments

When summer time rolls around, it's time to start packing those bags and digging out the maps! Everyone needs a vacation once in a while and this summer, I order all of you chicks to take some time to chill out and vacay it up! 

When it comes to travel, it doesn't matter whether you're roadtripping, cruising or exploring a new city; you want to look your cutest. But airplanes, luggage limitations and stress can definitely cramp your style. To help you out, we came up with a few tips, tricks and some great finds for a travelling beauty routine.

Moisturize and Refresh 

I love to travel, but I'm not a big fan of airplanes. For one thing, I hate that recycled air feeling, plus turbulence scares the bejeesus out of me. The air somehow seems to make my skin oily and dry at the same time. I've also been known to be quite the worrywart and if you're like me, travelling gives you a major case of stress. 

To combat this, fill your beauty arsenal with refreshing and moisturizing products to keep you hydrated and looking radiant all day. 

1. ELF Zit Zapper is a roller ball with a mixture of salicylic acid, witch hazel and tree tea oil. It's small, making it perfect for a toiletries case but it packs a punch to help reduce redness and heal blemishes. Plus it's a bargain at US$1.00! 
2. Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant (C$25.00) was also chosen as one of our cult beauty faves and with good reason. It's super moisturizing and an excellent product to have on hand for dry air, whether on a plane or in a new environment. 
3. eos Organic Sphere Lip Balm (C$3.59) are definitely a chick favourite. They're so cute, they keep your lips looking and feeling awesome and their shape make them ultra practical.  
4. Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels (C$33.00) make for a relaxing eye treat on weary eyes. When I need a pick me up, I love to reach for an eye mask to de-puff. Also be sure to check out this article for more eye care tips! 
5. Lush Vanishing Cream (C$39.95) is a great moisturizer for those of us with oily skin. It contains witch hazel to control blemishes and tighten pores. 
6. Ladies, when you are travelling (and especially for the campers out there!) you may not have access to a shower. Keep your hair smelling and feeling fresh with Marc Anthony 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo (C$10.79).
7. We spoke about the StriVectin-SH Dermal Infusion Mask (US$69.00) in our Skin Treats article and since then, I've been using it once or twice a week and I love how my skin feels afterwards. I will be bringing this one with me on trips to keep my skin soft and smooth, especially after any late nights
Tip: For easy cleansing, especially if camping, bring along some cleanser wipes or micellar water and cotton rounds. 

1. Icelandic Relief Eye Pen with Biospheric Complex (C$22.00) is conveniently sized for travel to provide soothing relief from stress. 
2. I've been using Caudalie Beauty Elixir (C$18.00) for the past week and it smells and feels awesome. It's a combination serum and toner and it comes in a mini spray bottle. 
3. The Body Shop Vitamin C Energizing Face Spritz (C$18.00) is a great item to have on hand for quick touch ups and refreshers throughout the day. 
4. Vichy Thermal Spa Water (US$13.00) is the perfect pick me up for the summer. Keep in the fridge for extra cooling. 
5., 6., 7. Bath & Body Works makes great mini products that are the exact right size for a few days away from home. Plus, they come in yummy scents! When I'm on vacation, instead of going with heavy perfumes, I opt for body sprays with a light scent that I can reapply as needed. Try Bath & Body Works Sweet Pea Mini Fragrance Mist (US$6.00), Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Breeze Shower Gel (US$3.00, on sale) and Bath & Body Works Sea Island Cotton Body Lotion (US$5.00).

Tip: This is the perfect opportunity to use up any samples you have lying around. Small perfume samples or one time use face cleanser packets are great to bring travelling. You can also find small reuseable, plastic bottles or spray bottles at the dollar store for travelling too. And hey, you don't need to spend a fortune on facial sprays; they're easy to DIY too! Check out this tutorial here or this one over here

Your Beauty Basics 

I don't go overboard with makeup when I am travelling. My goal is to look groomed, polished and awake but natural. I skip my regular eyeshadow and eyeliner routine and go instead of a fresh face and a quick swipe of mascara. Since I will most likely be slacking on my skin care routine as well, I try not to wear too much makeup so I don't clog my pores. 

1. Clinique Fresh Bloom Allover Colour (C$38.50)
2. Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Volumizing Mascara (C$22.00)
3. Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream (US$11.04)
4. Benefit Watt's Up Highlighter (US$30.00)
5. Clinique Airbrush Concealer Illuminates, Perfects (C$25.50)

Tip: When packing up your cosmetics try and bring as many double duty products as possible. Try lip and cheek stains, a glossy pigmented balm, highlighter/concealer pens or a tinted eyeshadow primer. You save on packing space and on time. 

What are your beauty must-haves for travelling? 
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on February 10, 2016  basant  6,382 said:

Thanks for those awesome tips , :)

on August 29, 2012  Becky  13,068 said:

I actually don't wear makeup when traveling by plane. My skin gets SOOOOO super dry that I feel i'm doing myself a disservice by putting on makeup. Also, my plane rides are usually long ones and i want to be as comfortable as possible which means I want to be able to rub my eyes and face and what not lol :)

on June 27, 2012  flower  4,418 said:

love bath & body products

on June 27, 2012  angelaj20  81,167 said:

I always over pack my beauty products. I have the thought at the back of my head "Well, I might ended up needing this, so I better bring it!". But usually, I dont. Now, I try to bring sample size products with me in whatever I have. I've saved a whole lots of samples I've received (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, cleansers, etc). They take up less room and dont come home with me at the end of the trip :)
One thing, I seem to always forget, and desperately need it when travelling, is lip balm. I forget it every time and everytime, I think I can get away with not having it. But I think my lips know this, and start to burn and get really dry, so I end up buying some.

on June 27, 2012  GoneBatty  3,196 said:

I'v never heard of the eos Organic Sphere Lip Balm before! I so need to buy it! Thanks for the tip!!

on June 27, 2012  GetaUkami  503 said:

Thank you for the tips! I am going to NY in a couple of weeks so these will come in handy ;D Bath and Body Works' travel-sized goodies are really fabulous and they are my favorites when it comes to travelling.

on June 27, 2012  MizzRobin  13,788 said:

These are some great suggestions! I haven't seen some of these products before and will definitely seek to give them a try!

on June 26, 2012  Miss K  1,801 said:

i save travel size samples of things. For shampoo and conditioner, I either use whatever the hotel provides or bring along a pair from the last hotel trip (admit it - you ladies take those cute little shampoo bottles too!)
EOS lipbalm sphere has been my absolute essential for over a year and i travel quite a bit so it's always in my purse. A magnetic pallete from Sephora that I can pick my own blush/shadow/lipgloss is my go to - takes up no space and has 6 colours, 2 blushes. If it's a really low maintenace trip - then just mascara, pressed powder and consealer come with me.
I always have hand sanitizer on hand, qtips and i transfer a small amount of moisturizer into one of those 15ml sample containers - that lasts for a trip. tiny 1oz bottle for my clenser and an absolute must - makeup removing/cleansing wipes! I use them at home and on the road they are a lifesaver. In a pinch wipe away sweat and just freshen up when there's no running water nearby.

on June 26, 2012  farouknabela  3,424 said:

These are great tips!

on June 26, 2012  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

Zit zapper? Awesome! I've never heard of it before, but I'm researching it now! Thanks.

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