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Ali de Bold

  Member Since:  August 31, 2006


on May 04, 2021  boobooz  4,598 said:

Well hello there

on March 24, 2021  testeursteph  1,588 said:

HI, I want to thank you for letting us all be part of this community. Thanks for having chick advisor, have a good day Ali the Bold.
  Great Advice

on June 02, 2019  lferriman65  2,181 said:

'Hello Ali.'
Hoping that you, and your family, are all doing well, & in great health, happy, & living your dream!!

*I read what you wrote, about how ChickAdvisor came to fruition!!*
(which I found to be very intriguing)!!*
It can be very frustrating, for a bride to be, when she's looking for the Perfect Hair/Makeup 💇Salon ... to be *The One!!* That helps her, to look & feel 'her best,' ... On the most important, & Special Day of her Life!!
"I myself, went through something very much the same, in preparation for my wedding day Ali!!
That being said, (I can totally relate)!! The frustration, of not being able to find a proper review, on a Salon/Hair dresser, to do my hairstyle, mani/pedi for my wedding day, felt horrible!! (to say at the least)!!
Which brings me to, what I wanted to say, & thank you for.

Here goes, ... "Being a member of ChickAdvisor, is a very rewarding & exciting experience for me!!
In more ways, that I could ever possibly describe to you Ali!!"
*It has continued, (over a few years, as a member), to bring me great joy, happiness, excitement & many positive experiences!!*
This website, is something that, continually gives many women a chance to ask question (woman to woman), mother to mother, sister to sister, & so on!! In a safe, & Very respectful environment!!
*Offering Women & their partners, a chance to try something that they normally wouldn't, (or couldn't) due to their finances, and other variables!!*
Chances to discover beauty products, that come from stores, online & offline too!!
Places to chat, "🚺 chick to chick!!"
Read reviews on products, all across the board!! Giving them the information that they wanted, &/or needed!!
*I could go on, & on, (LOL), but I don't want to write a small novel here!!*
"This Social media platform, that you've created, is "Top Of The Line,"
and I just wanted for you to know how incredible it really is!!!"
Please know, that you have done something that is "truly magnificent here Ali ... & Every single time I am on this site, when finished ... I feel really good about who I am!!
"Which keeps me coming back for more!!!"
Signing off, (for now Ali).
Your ChickAdvisor member, acquaintance, & hope to become a friend.
Sincerely yours,
Tracy-Lee Ferriman xo ✨💜✨
  Thank You

on April 13, 2019  Vanessacolmar  15,600 said:

I want to thank you for letting us all be part of this community. Thanks for having chick advisor for all here. Because I can finally leave my honest opinion of every product I try. You are an amazing person.
  Thank You

on March 12, 2018  christinekitty  10,582 said:

I love your story behind this incredible platform!! Thank you
  Cute Picture

on July 02, 2017  Bren  25,776 said:

Hi Ali,
I got a response from Clare and she had extended my review time and yes it did arrive I got my review done thank you.Happy Birthday as well!I hope you had a fabulous day :)
  Thank You

on June 30, 2017  Pammywhammy845  22,191 said:

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day !

on June 30, 2017  danaorgnero  26,294 said:

Love that! The way a birthday should be :) !! Enjoy every minute of it! Any big birthday plans?

on June 30, 2017  danaorgnero  26,294 said:

Happy Birthday gorgeous!!!!! Wishing you a fabulous day!!!!!!

on June 18, 2017  Bren  25,776 said:

Hello Ali,
I'm sorry to bother you but I never received my Marseille Body Wash for review.I emailed ChickAdvisor on friday and never got a response back. Today is the deadline for the review. Is there anyway my parcel can be traced? Can I also please have a extension on my review.I have always reviewed my items on time so feel bad that I cant review this one yet.Thanks and have a lovely day.

  Thank You

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