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25 Unique and Cute Wedding Pinspirations

Posted by Alexandra C. | Wednesday April 10, 201349 comments

Wedding season is nearly upon us, and that means one very important thing: it's time to get pinning. As self-confessed Pinterest addicts, we know that Pinterest is the hub of all the best wedding ideas. So, we've rounded up some of our favourite unique wedding ideas for décor, activities, food and more. Pin away (and totally steal) any of these greats for your own nuptials. 

Even if you aren't planning a wedding anytime soon, these are ideas are all so adorable, you won't be able to keep yourself from ogling at their cuteness! 

Ready, set, get pinning! 

(images via weddingchicks.comweddingbells.ca, refinery29.com
Idea #1: Food Trucks

Food trucks are the latest foodie craze, so it only makes sense that they're the next wedding craze. Either as the main event, serving up side dishes or as a late night dessert station, they're so much fun and the freshly made foods taste wonderful. I'm a huge fan of the dessert trucks - a station with yummy, warm and sugar coated mini donuts? Yes, please! 

(images via bkylnbrideonline.com, marthastewart.com, weddingpartyapp.com, bridalmusings.com

Idea #2: Colour! 

There's a tendency to go with neutrals (ivory, black, white) for weddings but a colour filled wedding stands out and is just plain fun. Try rainbow hued bridesmaid dresses, garlands, florals or a streamer backdrop. 

Idea #3: Programs on Fans

In summer it can get pretty hot. Print your programs on fans for your guests to keep themselves cool. 

Idea #4: Confetti Bar

Ditch the rice and let your guests get involved by letting them choose their own confetti mixture. 

Idea #5: Flip Cup Tournament

For the fun loving couple, hold a flip cup tournament for everyone at the wedding. Or perhaps some beer pong? 

Idea #6: Dancing Shoes 

Heels can be a total pain for your tired, dancing feet. Have a basket of flip flops for those who need to give their feet a rest.

(images via weddingchicks.com, weddingchicks.com, weddingbells.ca

Idea #7: Balloon Chandelier 

Hang pictures of the happy couple from helium filled balloons, creating a chandelier like gallery. Easy to DIY and pretty inexpensive! 

Idea #8: Carnival Games

Whether you go with a carnival theme, or you just want to incorporate a bit of fun in your wedding, a bottle, horseshoe or bean bag toss is easily set up and keeps your guests entertained. 

Idea #9: Mini Champagnes 

Instead of going to the trouble of champagne glasses, hand out mini, individual champagne bottles with straws. 

(images via handmadeandcraft.com, rusticweddingchic.com, refinery29.com
Idea #10: Chalkboard Table Number

Very simple to DIY and you can simply wipe off and reuse the bottle if needed! 

Idea #11: Planter Take-Aways

For eco conscious, outdoorsy couples, hand seeds or planters to your guests as a favour. 

Idea #12: Handkerchiefs

Don't we all tear up a bit at weddings? Provide tissues for your guests to dab away the happy tears.

(images via weddingbells.caweddingbells.ca
Idea #13 Late Night Fast Food Buffet 

So, you've partied hard into the night (well, morning) and now you've got that fast food, salty craving. Have a midnight buffet of snacking foods like sliders, shawarma or pretzels. 

(images via marthastewart.comohweddings.comrusticweddingchic.com, bklynbrideonline.com, weddingbells.ca
Idea #14: Recipe Book Programs 

Include a little something extra with your programs. Family recipes are a great idea or even ask your caterer for a recipe for one of the dishes served at your wedding. 

Idea #15: Jenga Block Guestbook

Have your guests write little messages or sign a Jenga block for you at the wedding - you'll have an extra special version for game night. I like that it's more practical than a book which you might never take out again. 

Idea #16: Natural Place Setting

Bring the outside, inside and play with textures for your place settings. Use rocks, burlap or other natural fibres for a homey feel.

Idea #17: Marquee

Announce your wedding for everyone with a fun, retro marquee board! 

Idea #18: Hangover Cures

Give your attendees a little care package for the morning after as they leave. 

(images via bridalmusings.com
Idea #19: Outdoor Lawn Games

Kind of along the same idea as the carnival games, lawn games are a great, inexpensive way to get everyone involved and to not let them get bored in between events. Plus, it isn't too pricey to set up some badminton, croquet or volleyball! 

(images via weddingpartyapp.comstatigr.am, stylemepretty.comhandmadeandcraft.com
Idea #20: Song Request Invites

Ask your friends and family to request a song along with their RSVP for a customized wedding playlist picked by your loved ones. 

Idea #21: Signage

Keep everyone on the right track with cute, rustic signs. Perfect for larger, outdoor venues.  

Idea #22: Sparklers

Fireworks are great but pricey. Sparklers are less expensive and get everyone excited (bonus: they're super fun). Have a basket of sparklers ready to be picked by guests for a send off for the bride and groom.

Idea #23: Book Place Setting

For the couple that loves to read, buy a stack of used books and print/paint table numbers on them. 

Idea #24: Picture Frame Place Setting

Stencil table numbers on the glass of a picture frame. You can find inexpensive plastic frames at a discount store or even the dollar store and easily create it yourself. 

(images via pinterest.compinterest.com)

Idea #25: Cotton Candy 
Cotton candy is delicious and just really fun. Have a station, or package it for guests to take away. 

Which of these ideas do you love the most? Which one would you love to steal for your own wedding?
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on July 02, 2014  mstanieshad said:

I'm getting married 8/30/14 and I'm going to have the Sparklers and the Fan Programs I'm getting married at Boerner Botanical Gardens in Hale Corners, WI

on April 16, 2013  Gold Foiled Business Cards said:

I wonder when I'll be married so i could have some of the great fun in of life!

on April 15, 2013  smiley_gen  9,832 said:

These are all so adorable!!! I can't say I love one more then another! I'll have to pass this on to my sister or maybe Pin this for myself!

on April 12, 2013  lovelydays  3,649 said:

I love this post!!! Such cute ideas!

on April 11, 2013  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

These are all super fun, and super cute ideas! I love the idea of the balloon chandalier. I'm always checking out Martha Stewart's ideas for weddings. She has some beautiful, and unique ideas.

on April 10, 2013  midnightsun2288  6,053 said:

My favorite things that I would use in my wedding would be: The dancing shoes, Mini Champagne, Song requests (although maybe not as an invite), and sparkler send offs (much more eco-friendly because they won't get thrown on the ground, and great for pics!).

on April 10, 2013  fredamans  12,209 said:

I guess I'm too old fashioned for some of that stuff... no croquet mallets at my wedding!

on April 10, 2013  LissaG  6,010 said:

Wow! Love them all .. especially the Jenga guestbook, the sparkler send-off, and the song request invitations! I love weddings, and little personal touches go a long way, especially ones that make the guests feel like they're a big part of it :)

on April 10, 2013  Bren  25,911 said:

I love the idea as well as handing out seeds or plants.The basket of flip flops is cute and who wouldn't want to make your own cotton candy!

@melissakj - awwww that's so sad about the goldfish :( Thats such a bad idea they would get knocked over and things poured in there bowls...I would hate to see that

on April 10, 2013  pammy1309  2,623 said:

Love these ideas!! We had fans at our beachside wedding and I think everyone appreciated them! We didn't have programs on them but I made a little tag that had our names/date/location on them.

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