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5 Creative and Cute Engagement Photo Trends

Posted by Alexandra C. | Wednesday May 30, 201225 comments

(image via staceyable.com
Photographs to document your wedding day and your engagement are an essential to most couples. Your photographs will always be there to remind you of such a special time. Only, I can't stand those ridiculously cheesy couple shots that seem to be so popular with wedding photogs these days. I mean, I have never once stared out a window pensively while my husband-to-be stood in the background, in turn, staring pensively at me. So, why would I ever want a picture of that?

It appears I'm not the only one who feels this way. More and more couples are opting out of the traditional engagement photos and going for a more quirky and fun approach. I took a look at some of the most creative engagement photos out there and came up with 5 engagement photo trends that put those tired photos to rest! 

#1: Movie Themed 

(images via buzzfeed.comgreenweddingshoes.com)
If you're a couple with a special bond over a particular movie, or if you're both self-professed film buffs, then why not express that in your engagement photos? From Twilight to The Notebook, these couples imitated some of their favourite films and pulled it off quite nicely! 

#2: Show Off Those Legs!

(images via jeffreysampson.comblogs.dexknows.compinterest.com,
This one's for the camera shy couples. Instead of featuring your faces in the photograph, why not show your those legs? It makes for a sweet and adorable photograph! For pet lovers, why not also include your dog or cat in the picture too? I'm also loving the genius of the couples who made this their engagement announcement photo and took advantage of it by including the wedding date on their shoes. 

#3: Rustic Vintage 

(images via pinterest.com, rusticweddingchic.com, iamtimeless.com, weddingchicks.com
What I love about these photos is how stylish and romantic they look. They're definitely reminiscent of another era which makes them all the more charming and whimsical! If you're looking to capture your own vintage and rustic photograph, look for country settings: fields, barns. If you're in the city, try going down to an older part of town and looking for brick buildings or older store fronts. 

#4: Cute Couples

(images via utahbrideblog.comlakshalperera.comroughdraftwedding.tumblr.comqweddings.com
Sometimes, you don't need a theme for your engagement photos, as much as you need to let your personality as a couple shine through. These couples definitely show that off. Whether they're making use of an interesting backdrop, or using their own props (zombies or otherwise) these couples stand out from the crowd for their uniqueness. 

#5: Create a Chalkboard Canvas

(images via oneyeclick.wordpress.comwedding-plan.tumblr.com)  
I love, love, love this idea! Say, you want an engagement photo of you and your hubby underwater but for obvious reasons, it can't be? What to do? Just draw it! One couple drew scenes on a large chalkboard painted area and then posed in it to take photos. 

Are you planning a wedding? What did or what will you do for your own engagement photos? Do you have a favourite engagement photo trend?
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on June 02, 2012  annmarie  4,261 said:

all those pics are amazing!
wish i was getting married again so i could redo my engagment pics.

on June 01, 2012  shuey  2,784 said:

How cute are these pic's? Seriously...love these idea's. The Rustic Vintage are my favortite

on May 31, 2012  Di4n4  376 said:

Love these!! So many cute ides! and some I have seen my friends have done already :)

on May 31, 2012  Becky  13,128 said:

Love these pics!! Great ideas :-) I think if I had the option, I'd want a combination of pics! I'd want some cheesy classical poses where I'm looking out the window dreamily and he's looking at me (bored outta his brains ..lol) and I would want all of the pictures above! Can I pick them all?

on May 31, 2012  curlysue10  7,176 said:

OMG. Totally agree, some of the engagement photos people post on facebook these days just make me roll my eyes. They're so staged and cheesy, I can't stand it. With that said, these are so cute and I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Notebook one (not that I could ever see my bf agreeing to pose for such a thing lol)

on May 30, 2012  Cassie_  2,311 said:

I want to get married now!!!!

on May 30, 2012  JaimeeMcA  1,309 said:

My favorite engagement photo trend would be the Rustic Vintage. Nothing looks as timeless, i think.

on May 30, 2012  Kewald  2,141 said:

I totally wish there was pintrest when i was getting married!

on May 30, 2012  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

As a wedding & lifestyle photographer, I absolutely adore when clients choose to take a more "unique" approach with their engagement session. I love the rustic and vintage styles, as they are so romantic!

on May 30, 2012  GoneBatty  3,196 said:

These are all so great, but as a scrabble lover, the scrabble tile one is my favorite :)

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