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Nail Art Tutorial: The Lace Manicure

Posted by ChickAdvisor Team | Wednesday May 30, 201225 comments

What do you get when you cross the lace nail art trend with a polka dot manicure? Well, you get an adorable lacy-edged inspired manicure; only this one's done all by hand, with a dotting tool. 

Now, a word on dotting tools, because I express my love for them enough. Dotting tools are seriously one of the best nail art investments you'll ever make. I covet my own tool; without it I couldn't have done my fave mani to date: the Zooey Deschanel Tuxedo Mani

Dotting tools can be hard to come by though. I stumbled upon mine at an Asian mall in Toronto but for the most part you need to purchase them online. Good news for local shoppers though, Quo has recently released their own dotting tool which comes with a small paintbrush for fine nail art. However, don't overlook common household objects, it's really easy to DIY a dotting tool

Now, enough about dotting tools. Let's get into this tutorial! 

Here's what we used for this lace nail art: 

White Polish (we used Quo by Orly Nail Polish in French White) 
Pastel Polishes or any polish of choice for the base (my current personal favourite is Zoya Nail Polish in Shelby
Dotting Tool (you may chose to use a small paint brush as well) 
Paint brush, makeup brush or even pen (to create the larger white dots in the middle on the nail) 
Base + Top Coat (as always!)

Here's how to get the look:

1. Paint your base coat with your nail polish of choice
2. Use the bottom of a brush or large dotting tool to create a rounded, white, tip at the base of the nail
3. Using the dotting tool, dot smaller circles on top of the larger dot to create the 'doily, lace effect'
4. Inside those small dots, paint small circles in the base colour to create the illusion of holes
5. With the back of the brush, dot inside the white area with the base colour for the same idea

And here's the final results: 

We're kind of swooning over this manicure! What do you chicks think? Is this something you'd try out?
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on July 18, 2012  eflores85658  872 said:

this will look great for easter! :)
bur also cute for anyday wearing

on June 26, 2012  smiley_gen  9,832 said:

Very neat!

on June 07, 2012  gl0ss  6,194 said:

This is cute!:) I will have to give this one a try

on June 03, 2012  bubbles77  28,042 said:

Very cute! I too thought they were paw prints when I first saw it. My daughter is begging me to do this for her too. It seems very easy and appealing. Like This

on June 02, 2012  GetaUkami  503 said:

My inner nail polish junkie adores this look! It is innovative and the white lace looks pretty on pastel colors. I will definitively try this look for this summer. Thank you for the idea!

on June 02, 2012  annmarie  4,261 said:

Super pretty. I honestly don't think I'd have the patience to do that myself.

on June 01, 2012  Tynk  2,129 said:

This is adorable!

on June 01, 2012  DawnMackie  3,667 said:

So pretty :-).

on June 01, 2012  Kewald  2,141 said:

This is so cute!!!
I doubt i will be able to do it, my fine motor skills lack!

on May 31, 2012  KatelynRose1984  20,704 said:

This is so cute!

I love the pastel colours you chose. It's totally adorable for spring, and summer.

I'm going to have a girlfriend try this on me. I don't have the patience to do it by myself, unfortunately!

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