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Fall 2012 Makeup Trend: Bold Lips and Brows

Posted by Alexandra C. | Wednesday August 22, 201218 comments

With September just around the corner, we've been overdosing on fall makeup and fashion. Two of the trends that stuck with us were the bold crimson lip and big, full brows as seen at Yves Saint Laurent, Oscar de la Renta and Chanel. The vampy, deep lip in shades of red, magenta and purple isn't for a wallflower but we're finding it refreshingly sexy. A polished, bushy brow is the antidote to over plucking and we love the drama it creates by framing the eyes.

Trend Alert: This season's crimson lip is not the red lip of the past. Go for a glossy, stained effect with deep purple undertones. Make them a major focal point by adding an ombre effect and lining them with purple or even black. 
While all these models look amazing, we had to ask ourselves, could a mere mortal pull it off? Well, we tried it and you tell us! 

We are well aware that the bight lights of the runway wash out a face, but we figure you get the idea.  We're still on the fence about whether or not this look is wearable but there are elements of it that definitely are. The key to any makeup is to keep things balanced; you don't want too many things attracting attention. Pick a feature and exaggerate it over all others. With this in mind, we're not sure if we'd do both brows and a magenta lip again, but one or the other could very well work! 

Here's what we used to put together this runway interpretation: 
1. Lush Cream Eyeshadow in Sophisticated (C$22.95) all over the lid, up to the crease for a bit of shimmer and neutral colour. 

The lips were a bit more complicated and required a few coats and smudging to get the colour just right. Check out our ombre lip tutorial over here for more details. We used the two lipsticks all over and used a lighter lip colour in the middle on the top and bottom of the lip. We used the liner together to outline, creating a dark edge. 
2. CoverGirl LipPerfection Liner in Sophisticated (C$7.47)

3. CoverGirl LipPerfection Lipstick in Euphoria (C$7.47)

4. Wet n' Wild Coloricon Brow and Eyeliner in Black Black (US$.99)

5. CoverGirl Blast Flipstick Lip Duo in Flashy (C$9.99)

For our brows, we filled in and extended using 6. Sephora Collection Eyebrow Editor Complete Brow Kit in Midnight Brown (C$23.00)

Lastly, we gave a good coat of mascara on the top and bottom lashes using 7. Givenchy Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara in Black Satin (C$35.00).

What do you think of this look chicks? Is this something you'd try? 

(additional images via elle.com, lindsaythornemakeup.com, multiculturalbeauty.com)
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on August 31, 2012  Steffikah  9,115 said:

Yes to the lip colour, but a definite no to the brows. Maybe not so dark would help. They're almost black in the picture which is a little too much for me.

on August 28, 2012  Lynn hall  3,007 said:

Lip colour looks amazing on you, but i dont like the dark eyebrows:(

on August 26, 2012  mystictiger  3,196 said:

not a fan of anything. i don't like lipstick(dark,red,brown...whatever) and the dark eyebrows...eeewwwwww

on August 26, 2012  annmarie  4,246 said:

love the lip color on you but not the he dark eyebrows

on August 24, 2012  aimee.mercer  3,509 said:

Looks great!! I prefer more natural colors though!

on August 23, 2012  farouknabela  3,424 said:

So gorge!

on August 23, 2012  shanaz  5,826 said:

The full brows look so beautiful! Years of plucking and now I need a little assistance with my brow pencil... but nevertheless, I'm gonna ROCK this!!

on August 23, 2012  lawrencesharon  1,325 said:

I have never tried this. This would be really very interesting trying this.

on August 22, 2012  amyknows  2,352 said:

Totally not something I'd ever even try. It's not me at all. I like the lips, but the brows scare me a little. haha

on August 22, 2012  flower  4,418 said:

I like the Covergirl lipstick

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