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Fitness Series: 5 Exercises for Gorgeous Glutes

| Sunday May 23, 20102 comments
We’re looking to target our buttocks for the ultimate posterior effect currently sported by J.Lo and Jessica Biel. Trainer George reminds that adequate rest, a healthy diet, and frequent movement should go hand in hand with his 5 top exercises for glorious glutes for best results.
Work this targeted area 2-3 times per week (in 3 sets @ 8-12 repetitions), and pair with uphill running to build muscles in the buttocks and legs.

(1) Lunge: major emphasis on gluteals. Step forward into a lunge. Step back to starting position, and alternate.

(2) Cable Kick back: develops shapely legs, while increasing muscle tone to your gluteals. Start with legs parallel, and then straighten leg directly backwards. Do full set and switch legs.

(3) Floor Hip Extension:  Kneel on one leg with your elbows on the floor and one leg into a straightened position.  Swing leg directly back.  This exercise will work hamstrings and gluteals.  If you keep your knee bent, it will only work the gluteals, but less intensely.

(4) Bridging: Lie on floor, and place hands on floor.  Flex knees to 90 degrees.  Lift buttocks off the floor, pushing with your feet as high as you can hold the position for 2 seconds and lower pelvis without putting your buttocks back on the floor.  Repeat.

(5) Floor Hip Abduction: Lie on your side with your head and shoulders in line.  lift your leg to an angle of 70 degrees (at the most) off the floor, always keeping your knee extended return to the starting position and repeat.  Works gluteus medius and minimus.  Gluteus minimus is deeply situated, but this exercise helps to give more size to the upper buttocks.

by Megan Matthews
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on June 09, 2010  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

I have to say that since I've been training with George I've really toned up. These butt exercises are really easy to do at home if you have the discipline to stick to it!

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