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Morning-After Skin and Makeup Tips & Tricks

Posted by Mandy | Thursday December 29, 201114 comments

All the holiday festivities' got you and your skin beat? Here are a few tips and tricks from us to you to help you look rested and refreshed (even after a long night out! Thank us later).

Rev Up Your Complexion with these Bad Boys

All the late nights, sodium loaded goodness and alcohol can really dehydrate your overall complexion during the holidays. To get rid of dry and flaky lips, try a lip scrub like Lush Sweet Lip Scrub (C$8.50) or a homemade one that will get your lips as smooth as they were before your kiss under the mistletoe.

Does your make up look a little dull and flaky the morning after the huge New Year's Eve bash? Carry some MAC Fix+ (C$22.50) with you in your purse and spritz some over your make up to give it some life. This make up spray packs a whole lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that nurtures the skin while refreshing your make up. 

If all else fails, try this holy grail Clarins Beauty Flash Balm (US$45.00) (a lot of make up artists swear by this!). This emollient and rich multitasking product promises to brighten and tighten your skin while creating a smooth and flawless base for your makeup. Pat this product on before your make up or leave a thick layer on as a mask.

Pamper and Sooth Your Skin 

Sheet masks are my favorite way to bring life back to my skin. They instantly hydrates your skin and plump it up! Usually, it is recommended that the mask be left on by around 15-20 minutes. However, I find that there’s a lot of product left. My little secret is to leave the mask on till the sheet feels dry. Make sure you don’t rinse your face afterwards and just apply your regular moisturizer. 

The little sheet mask tablet(on left) can be found in a lot of Asian beauty stores. These are super handy since you can soak them in your regular toner (make sure they're alcohol free!) and you'll instantly have yourself a sheet mask. My Beauty Diary's Natto Mask (C$14.45) is one of my favorite sheet mask as it does a superb job at moisturizing my skin. Dermalogica's Multivitamin Power Recovery Masque is another one of those cult products that people swear by to instantly perk up their skin. If you have a bit of time, try this DIY Warming Honey Oat mask.

Bright Eyes 

Don't forget to take care of your eye area. Try an eye roller like Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller (C$16.00) or Estee Lauder's Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator (US$58.00). These eye treatments not only moisturize the eye area but the cooling tip applicator also helps to de-puff. Kind of like the upgraded version of the good ol' cucumber eye mask but without all the mess. If your eye area really needs some TLC, try an eye mask like Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Eye Mask (US$54.00).

Quick Hair Fix

In a pinch after a late night New Year's party and your hair is feeling icky? Dry shampoos like Oscar Blandi's Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray (US$15.50) can do wonders to make your hair feel fresh again without the wash. A cheaper but tried and true product is Johnson's Baby Powder (C$13.00). Just dust a little over your roots and work the product in. The baby powder will absorb all the oils leaving your hair feeling clean again. If all else fails put your hair up in a bun with the help of Goody's Spin Pin (C$12.00) and you're ready to hit the town again.
So tell me, what's your tried-and-true trick to get your skin and hair back in shape the morning after?

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on January 06, 2012  ellstar  4,709 said:

I'll have to try the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo, I've had no luck with a decent one thus far.

on January 05, 2012  carrielovesfashion  984 said:

Awesome tips, couldn't have advised better myself! :)

on January 05, 2012  LadyChick234234  3,701 said:

Remember the smoking days when you had to put a giant amount of baby powder in your hair after the club to get the smell out?


Rollerball is on my list of "to trys"

on January 03, 2012  LisaDrew  2,048 said:

I never heard of using Johnsons Baby Powder in your hair, I'll have to keep that in mind! I can't wait to try the new sheet masks.

on January 03, 2012  AlexJC  50 said:

I really want to try that Mac Fix I've heard good things about it!

I have the Garnier Eye roller in the tinted colour and I love it a lot- but I got puffier eyes rather than dark circles so I think when it runs out I'm going to try the regular, not tinted de puffer.

on January 01, 2012  petitechouxx  2,859 said:

didn't know the baby powder works on hair?!? =O i will try now!

on January 01, 2012  amyknows  2,352 said:

Dry shampoo is a serious life saver. I use it on a regular basis! :) I really like to use LUSH Tea Tree Water the morning after partying. My skin is very oily so the morning after its a disaster. haha Its very refreshing and is a quick fix for excess oil/shine and helps wake up my face! :)

on December 30, 2011  Bren  24,545 said:

I used to see those sheet masks at T@T I never knew what they were...I really want to try those now!Cool tips thanks :)

on December 30, 2011  Suelyn  2,249 said:

Johnson's baby Powder can fix your hair?. Wow, I don't know that.

on December 30, 2011  TammyK  1,073 said:

I got the Dear Diary masks and I love it. I got mine in black pearl which also whitens your skin to remove scars. It moisturizes really really well. I recommend it to everyone.

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