Nail Art Tutorial: How to Use the Konad Nail Art Stamps

Posted by Alexandra C. | Wednesday November 16, 201133 comments

We love nail art like any other chick, but what we don't love is the time, effort and concentrated steady hand it requires. Enter in- the Konad nail stamping system

Check out the fabulous results this kit gives: 

While the designs may look like they've been done with the steady hand of a nail technician, they're actually done with stamps and by using the Konad plates. It takes minutes, clean up in minimal and you don't need a lot of technical skills.  

Here is our 'Before' picture- we're using regular nail polishes as colour bases. On Alexandra (right- purple) is Essie in Bangle Jangle (US$8.00) and on Mandy (left- nude) is O.P.I. Don't Feed The Hand Models (C$12.00)

While Konad suggests using their brand of nail polish with the kit since it is thicker and has better lift off the plates, you can also use popular brands like O.P.I.- just avoid any thin polishes.


Once you've chosen your desired design, paint a small amount of polish over top. You only need to apply a small swatch of the polish- avoid too much paint.   
Using the scraping tool like a squeegee, drag the polish across the entire design. 

Before this dries, take the rubber stamping tool and press onto the design- roll it around a bit if you wish but this should pick up very easily. 

Match up the bottom centre of your nail with the centre of the stamp, press down and roll from edge to edge. After releasing, you'll need to clean up the edges with some nail polish remover on a cotton swab.

This should dry fairly quickly- be sure to apply a top coat for protection! 

Let your imagination run wild- apply multiple designs, try it out with different base colours or even attempt some fancy nail jewels! 

Have you ever tried out this type of nail art? 

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on April 09, 2012  Artstamps said:

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on April 05, 2012  dinag  166 said:

that looks amazing for DIY! I haven't seen Konad in the stores...will need to keep an eye open for it.

on December 20, 2011  shellsbells85  3,580 said:

I LOOOVE that stamping kit on the nails!! It looks gorgeous :) Who knew people would come up with such unique ideas for nails these days

on December 19, 2011  Lilash Reviews said:

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This information helps me a lot.

Thanks for sharing this.

on December 07, 2011  SandiAndHailey  1,334 said:

Wow this is a cool idea!

on November 21, 2011  Suelyn  2,249 said:

OMG! That so cool.

on November 21, 2011  kspencer1  1,639 said:

I am still awaiting the stamping kit from Showcase, although I came across another great deal on Amazon!

25 stamping plates, with some neat designs for about $20! I've ordered these as well, and will let you know what I think !

on November 21, 2011  kellabella  491 said:

I LOVE nail art and designs!! I just recently heard of these about a month ago on blogs. Is it something new or was it not popular in the US until recently? Anyway, I love the idea so now I just have to find out where to get one.

on November 20, 2011  takanikki  2,265 said:

How come I've never heard of these before now? I wanna get my hands on some of these. ;)

on November 20, 2011  petitechouxx  2,619 said:

very cute!

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