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New Product Review Club Offer: NESTLÉ GERBER Yogurt Melts® and NESTLÉ GOOD START 3 Toddler Transition

Posted by Claire | Monday June 27, 201624 comments
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Life is full of firsts. And for those of you with little ones in the household, firsts are happening on a daily basis.  

First smile.
First laugh.
First word.
First tooth.
First haircut.
First steps.
First friend.
First time feeding themselves (ideally with a video camera at the ready because you know that's going to be hilarious!).

Having experienced all of these "firsts" 3 times, 
I know how important it is to ensure that your little one is ready for each and every one of those firstsWhether it’s her first morning at daycare or the first time she holds a fork to feed herself, each new toddler adventure tells you that your baby is growing up. This is also the time of life when your child starts to express opinions about their food with lusty shouts of "MORE PWEASE!" and "NO DAT ONE!" That's another first, too :)

Providing a healthy, balanced diet full of delicious variety is so important at this stage of life because it's all about building a nutritional foundation to set your toddler on the right track. In addition to the thoughtfully prepared table foods and age-appropriate snacking choices, we're excited to tell you about two products specifically designed for toddlers which can support a healthy and balanced diet for him or her:

NESTLÉ GOOD START 3 Toddler Transition‡ is the only toddler nutritional drink that combines the benefits of Probiotic B. lactis*, DHA, and 27 nutrients†, so you can feel confident your little one is ready for any adventure toddlerhood brings.† This product is designed for parents with toddlers from 12 to 36 months old and can be served with a meal or as a nutritious snack to complement a toddler’s healthy balanced diet.  

NESTLÉ GERBER Yogurt Melts® in Banana flavour are a fun snacking source of calcium and are specially designed to help develop self-feeding  and fine motor skills. Also, they do not contain added preservatives, artificial colours or flavours! This product is designed for toddlers 12 months and older.

We're looking for 100 ChickAdvisor moms to experience this toddler nutritional supplement and fun snack with your child and let us know what you think! If you'd like to be considered for this Product Review Club opportunity, please complete our short interest survey by July 10, 2016:

For additional consideration (and to let your fellow moms know about this offer!), please include the hashtag #NestleToddlerNutrition when posting on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Good luck!

‡NESTLÉ GOOD START 3 Toddler Transition is a milk-based nutritional supplement for children from 1-3 years, and can be part of a healthy, balanced diet.  Not intended for infants under 12 months of age.
*Bifidobacterium lactis (B. lactis) is a probiotic that contributes to toddler’s healthy digestive tract flora
†Similar to other elements in a healthy, balanced diet  

What is the ChickAdvisor Product Review Club? Click here for full eligibility requirements and how to sign up, plus check out this helpful FAQ to boost your chances of qualifying to take part in a testing panel. You must be a ChickAdvisor member to apply (membership is free). Not all applicants will qualify. ChickAdvisor is the sole decision maker for who is selected based on eligibility requirements, and reserves the right to disqualify any participant for any reason.

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on September 07, 2016  briannasoucie  6,941 said:

Absolutely amazing stuff. Wish I didn't miss out!

on August 31, 2016  sammyforever681  775 said:

Noo signed up too late.. my baby loves the yogurt and everything Gerber, he will eat.

on July 15, 2016  jmca  9,215 said:

So many baby opps but I don't have a baby any more

on July 14, 2016  mato  166 said:

i like good start and j'espere que je serais sélectionne pour que ma fille puisse l'essaie

on July 02, 2016  laura2423  66,534 said:

Hope everyone who gets selected enjoys these, I know my son loved them when he was younger.

on June 30, 2016  chrissyann123  85,972 said:

Wishing all the New Chickadvisor Moms Good Luck for this Offer.#NestleToddlerNutrition !!!

on June 28, 2016  Mahey17  233 said:

My son will be 1 year old in one week. Will I have the oppotunity to apply next week and how I can do ?

on June 28, 2016  goldenkagi  6,338 said:

I'd love for my son to try these! Banana's his favourite fruit too.

on June 27, 2016  charbella2  38,997 said:

So excited about this product review as my daughter just turned one and I am interested in giving her the yogurt melts to try. Also she is a bit of a picky eater so I would love to try the Good Start so I know she is getting some nutrients if she doesn't eat much at meals.

on June 27, 2016  MarsAttacks  4,410 said:

I feel great giving my daughter Nestle Gerber and Nestle GoodStart products! I give her the GoodStart 2 formula currently and just recently started her on My First Puffs. She is not old enough to try these out yet. Good luck to the other mommas who apply, I'm sure you will love these products!

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