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Summer Accessories: Belts For Dresses

Posted by Siofan | Wednesday June 8, 20115 comments

Create a waist in a loose summer dress or add visual interest to a more tailored fit with a belt. This summer there's a variety of hues and textures. From nautical rope belts that will compliment cotton shirt dresses to animal-print wrap belts that will add texture to this summer's colour-block looks. You can never go wrong with leathers in rust browns and butterscotch shades, especially when paired with a flowered frock.

From left: Rose Byrne cinches a draped dress, Kate Moss goes for a corset-style, Lauren Conrad adds shape to a flowy frock, and Reese Witherspoon compliments a denim shirt dress with a tied-rope belt.

A skinny belt is lady-like and won't add bulk to your frame. Tie it around a tent dress to create a waist or keep it a bit loose around a tunic.
1. Warehouse Leopard Print Slim Belt (C$35.41)
2. Banana Republic Super Skinny Leather Belt (C$50.00)
3. H&M 3-Pack Belts (C$14.95)
4. Zara Patent Belt With Bow (C$19.90)
5. Gorjana Fairfax Studded Belt (C$69.22)
6. River Island Bow Belt (C$35.41)
7. Danier Braided Leather Belt (C$29.00)
8. Banana Republic Skinny Fashion Belt (C$55.00)
9. Asos Plaited Boyfriend Belt (C$17.71)

A medium-width belt of an inch or two is an all purpose style that will look best at your natural waist or slightly higher depending on the dress. This is a great place to experiment with colour and texture as it's hard to make a belt clash with a dress.
1. Danier Leather Woven Belt (C$29.00)
2. Mango Duo T C Belt (C$49.90)
3. Banana Republic Dual Ring Belt (C$74.00)
4. J. Crew Lattice Belt (US$52.00)
5. Elegantly Waisted Brady Belt (C$154.52)
6. Gap Metallic Woven Belt (C$34.95)
7. Zara Crochet Belt (C$19.90)
8. J. Crew Rope Belt (US$39.50)
9. Mango Missouri C Belt (C$44.99 sale)
10. Mango ADN C Belt (C$29.90 sale)

A wide belt works like a corset and creates an hourglass shape. Stay away from bulky belts, they'll just add width to your middle, and be sure that the dress is fairly tailored or else the bodice will bag out like a milk maid at Oktoberfest.
1. Topshop Red Leather Wide Double Buckle Belt (US$70.00)
2. Nasty Gal Canyon Leather Belt (US$28.00)
3. Elegantly Waisted Snake Cummerbund (C$50.83)
4. Zara Leather Sash Belt (C$69.90)
5. Topshop Brown Three Strand Corset Belt (US$50.00)

What's your favourite style to cinch your dresses this summer?
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on January 22, 2013  ftimez said:

beautiful dresses

beautiful dresses

on June 08, 2011  AlexJC  50 said:

Like my mom always said, show off your waist while you still have one- belts are so good for that!
I really like the double buckle mango one- you can never have too many belts I think, they just make everything look chic and put together.

on June 08, 2011  Ali de Bold  STAFF said:

I always find medium belts the most flattering. I really like the one from Mango.

on June 08, 2011  jskim07  50 said:

I love that Danier belt! It will look great with a beige or white dress. I used to hate skinny belts, because I thought they disappeared under my clothes...but I'm starting to see more and more of these belts, with more detail that just looks amazing!

on June 08, 2011  TammyK  1,073 said:

Perfect! I'm always looking for accessories and I think belts are perfect to adding a little something extra to your look. I like the beige one from Banana Republic. Beige is such a nice nude color to have and easy to go with many different colors

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